Reading method for soft technical material (and metrics)

I developed this a couple of years ago when I first bought this 1,200-page behemoth. I failed to finish, quitting at twenty chapters out of thirty-two, because my attempt to grind through it in a psychotic sprint was immature and ill-conceived. This emphasizes the old point that the main thing is not method, but rather consistency through willpower-conserving habits.

Although occasionally interesting and highly practical, the major fault of the book is that the material is boring. It is almost too easy to bother with. However! We want to read this sort of thing sometimes.

Each time I finish a page, I write down the time on a little notepad. Next to it, I write a number expressing my judgment of my focus for that page. A 5-page chapter could look like this:

1217 4
1219 4
1222 2
1222 3
1225 1

The combination is meant mainly to keep me on task, by visually reminding me of the time lost to daydreaming. Daydreaming, due to restless imagination, is my greatest enemy when I’m reading practical stuff. The subjective measure is meant to partially account for the difference in difficulty between pages. Some pages have pictures, others are walls of text. The important thing at the end is the computation of average reading speed (for the purpose of planning), and the observation of patterns in level of focus. For instance, I usually see a strong dip at about twenty minutes.


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