Koaniterica and more ranting

Koanic’s recent philosophy videos are phenomenal. I’m glad he’s back from the dead.

No ghosts were harmed during the making of this video. All chickens sacrificed were convicted egg molesters. The cat was just an asshole.


Speaking more seriously, Koanic is one of the psychotic genius rocks that the builders rejected. How many underemployed geniuses are actually out there? Why isn’t their ingenuity making any economic impact? Why has no striving entrepreneur thought to tap into this extraordinary resource, this gigantic pool of cognitive talent, at a time when the mainstream is whining that western STEM has stalled out? Why is no one investing in all that potential? The social scientists have all told us to disbelieve our lying eyes, that all the smart kids are getting funnelled into the Ivies. And then into Success ©. Anyone psychotic enough to be in this corner of the internet knows better.

Surely a tiny fraction of the money being spent on “the gap” could be diverted into the exploitation of this huge malinvestment. Even with the tiny amount I know now about these weirdos, I could turn $100,000 into a $50 million software startup, no problem. You could pay them minimum wage and they’d just thank you for rescuing them from the corporate world, and for giving them real problems to work on. Imagine what a real entrepreneur could do. Imagine how much a real social scientist could dig up, with $5,000 and a couple of grad students, where I just blather psychological half-sense.

I am beginning to think that the primary driving force in economics is not resources or happiness, not even at the technical poverty level (though perhaps somewhere below that). I think it’s all about “mindshare”, control- the domination of other metaphysical entities. Therefore, nobody wants the psychotics. They don’t simply do as they’re told! It’s like there’s some kind of thunderstorm behind those eyes that’s distracting them from following simple instructions.

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2 Responses to Koaniterica and more ranting

  1. Koanic says:

    Love you too, bud

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