Tex is right (this test is really easy)

Story here, Tex’s commentary here.

Here’s the test itself. I’d be interested to try this out as a PPM-style IQ test. Probably, today’s mean would be around 25 (too optimistic?) with a long, skinny left tail and a big pile of scores sitting at 30 (representing the accumulation of everybody above maybe 110 IQ who can get all of them in ten minutes). The story’s “sell” is you get to laugh at the overconfident Harvard students who didn’t pass. Many of them probably did pass, but the professor likely failed them to “prove” the ambiguity of the questions. Of course, the correct answer to all questions is “RACISS”, written with finger paint and glitter.

(Apparently the first question is “vague”. Sure, if you’re stupid and have poor reading comprehension. That’s the point.)

Miller said not a single one of his student passed the exam, because it was designed in such a way that each question could be interpreted as wrong by the registrar official looking over the answers.

Blind leading the retarded.

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10 Responses to Tex is right (this test is really easy)

  1. Heaviside says:

    Voting is a grand institution, but having more than one party ruins it.

  2. automatthew says:

    Dunno. I had trouble parsing some of the instructions. They do seem to be intentionally difficult, or ambiguous; I felt the clarifying itch when reading them. Self-referential statements get knotty.

    • automatthew says:

      #29 really bothers me:

      “Write every other word in the first line and print every third
      word in the same line, but capitalize the fifth word that you

      The first line in the test doesn’t have five words: “The State of Louisiana”. Oh, does “the first line” refer only to this current statement? If so, why not be clear?

      What’s the difference between writing and printing? When looking for the fifth word that I write, do I skip the ones I printed?

      Many of these instructions give me similar choice paralysis.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Back in the day, “write” meant cursive and “print” meant manuscript.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Here’s an alternative way of looking at it: You may not pass, but I bet you’d look more positively on a representative democracy where only the subset of people who passed this test had voted in the general election. Maybe only half the smarties pass, but none of the idiots pass, and that solves most of the predictable problems we’re having today.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I daresay you tend more to literalism than is necessarily practical. But then, so do I. It’s a useful trait for some constructive endeavors, admittedly.

  3. Intelligunce iz rayciss u hetero cis white male scum

  4. slenkar says:

    he questions do seem to be difficult on purpose, especially as you are not allowed to even get one question wrong!

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