Manifest destiny

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

A couple of days ago on a VP thread, I said Christian aspies are thankful that the meek will inherit the earth, implying that the world will eventually be overrun by over-intellectualizing, physically powerful bronies. I also said “I doubt the rest of you will be missed.” This is true (similar to saying doves will not miss hawks) but also confrontational, which maybe I should have reconsidered. But it kicked off a line of reasoning that turned out to be pretty interesting. Here’s an ensuing comment I made:

Average aspie intelligence is comparable to Ashkenazi Jews, and probably better. On top of that, genius is the most important sort of strength, and you won’t find many neurotypical geniuses. On top of that, our girls are the prettiest, and the genes are recessive. Even if our males don’t reproduce, the rest of you can’t help yourselves from creating more of us. You’re a clever guy, so I don’t have to prove to you that it is literally just a matter of time. Aspies don’t even need to encourage ordinary people to kill each other off, it’s just the way ordinary people are wired.

Here’s the relevant bit on genius:

“”In studying the history of genius and the lives of geniuses it quickly becomes obvious that most if not all geniuses are Aspergoid, although a formal diagnosis is as good as never available (which is logical as Asperger was only in the 1990s added to the diagnostic manuals).

In fact the real challenge is to come up with examples of non-Aspergoid genius. If such exists, it is most likely to be found in the performing arts (singing, dancing, acting) and in the non-exact or “alpha” sciences. Possible candidates are the composer W. A. Mozart and the psychiatrist S. Freud (not that I personally consider them geniuses; I just mention them because they are generally considered that).””

Nuclear bombs and superviruses don’t engineer themselves.

Afterward, I realized I should have pointed out that aspies also carry the genes for extraordinary strength, as seen in the thicker waists and hyperplasia of strongman competitors. Also, we have much better immune systems, which will become very important if biological warfare really kicks into gear throughout this century. But I’m getting ahead of myself again. The line of reasoning above is interesting and just about as valid as such an argument can aspire to be. But for how many of the premises can I provide solid evidence, as of today?

1. Average aspie intelligence is comparable to Ashkenazi Jews, and probably better

This turns out to be troublesome to back up, where I had thought it was pretty much settled that aspies average about 110-115 IQ, with a fat right tail and a skinny left tail. Perhaps I’m misremembering, but I thought there was a graphed distribution on rdos somewhere that showed separate aspie and NT bell curves. Here’s an interesting article describing ignorance on giftedness among aspies:

However, to date, the clinical literature on AS has focused on children with average or low-average intelligence. There has been surprisingly little examination of AS among gifted children (Barber, 1996; Cash, 1999a; 1999b).

Neihart, M.
Gifted children with Asperger’s Syndrome

Unfortunately, it doesn’t even mention the fact that aspies develop slowly. This is a huge confound and one of the first things a scientist should observe, if they have anything more than a passing interest in the subject.

2. Genius is the most important sort of strength, and you won’t find many neurotypical geniuses

The latter clause is easier to back up unless the interlocutor is playing devil’s advocate, and Koanic’s face reading provides further evidence. But I should also attempt to argue the former clause about genius, because it’s also necessary to explain my emerging political theory.

I think that white pre-eminence in world history is down to two factors: neanderthal creative genius which confers group fitness in tactical warfare (as I said, nukes don’t engineer themselves, but rather are engineered almost exclusively by aspies), and a confluence of genetic factors that gives whites an overwhelming superiority in organized violence. In turn, I’d identify those genetic factors as abstract political idealism, high average intelligence (high enough, anyway), individualism/initiative (in another context I’d call it entrepreneurial spirit), and miscellaneous.

Insofar as whites are superior in collective martial activity, and insofar as that superiority is due to these factors, I consider the point well-supported.

3. Our girls are the prettiest

This is most easily corroborated by experience (or do an image search for “aspergers girls” or “aspie girls”), and I’ll soon be putting a post together on the subject of thal girls. But it is worth pointing out that the world’s strongest men (those who win strongman competitions) most often come from the same countries as the world’s prettiest women.

Now, there are a couple of easy complaints about this line of reasoning. A population with a high mean does not necessarily lead to the highest outliers. Take Christian Lebanese immigrants for an example. They have a mean IQ in the ballpark of Ashkenazi Jews, perhaps exceeding it. But unlike Jews they have a low standard deviation, and produce few exceptionally gifted children. In fact, I’d expect them to regress to the Lebanese mean, except they are charismatic and seem to have acquired a taste for shiksa. (Having identified these guys as leaning melonward, I wish I could stick around and see how this trend turns out.)

4. The genes are recessive

This has not been established, but it is obvious. Asperger’s is called a syndrome today for good reason: it is extremely dysfunctional. A dysfunction of such intensity carried on dominant alleles would not have survived 30,000 years of anti-selection, even if it conferred group fitness. Probably, most remnants of the thal genome are recessive. Anytime something like the Silicon Valley boom of the ’90s brings a bunch of near-aspies together, it produces a huge surge in the traits in the very next generation.

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6 Responses to Manifest destiny

  1. Aspiekid says:

    Regarding Christianity, I find this:

    1. The author says immortality of soul is unbiblical and unproven, only spirits are immortal. In the time of the adulthood of Abraham, God stoped being the Father of all humans to be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Since then pagans are called “dogs” because like beast their souls die with their bodies, ceasing their existence. However, angels and believers have an immortal spirit where their souls live after death.
    2. Salvation is a two-part process: first the spiritual born grants immortality. This is elected by God, with nothing from us: only after receiving an immortal spirit we can seek God, pray, believe… Second we need works of faith (not works of the law), meaning the fruits of our love for God by absolute submission. If christians fails in this they take the wrath of God in the second death, that is eternal torment in hell-lake of fire for spirits can’t die. Author relies that all the Bible verses about hell the damned are believers, like demons believe and tremble.

    If this guy is right, all the christians that believe in Christ for salvation from hell are making a terrible mistake: eternal torment makes immortality the worst of curses. Is frightening because the author seems well grounded in Scripture.


  2. Heaviside says:

    I’ve been thinking for a while now that “Manifest Destiny” would be a good name for a party with esoteric objectives.

  3. Wog Slayer says:

    Is sexual sadism typical of assbooger’s? I was once diagnosed with it and I cannot even get aroused without thoughts of whipping and stabbing someone.

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