On black knighting

It is time for college men to start rushing – and thereby destroying – women’s sororities and other all-female groups. Women aren’t going to start leaving men’s associations and organizations in peace until men start methodically destroying their own single-sex enclaves, using the very weapons that women have devised.

Vox Day
You may as well shut down

I don’t think this is going to work. These entryist tactics rely on the assumption that the target group has an intrinsic respect for fairness and abstract rules. But women don’t care about fairness or abstract rules, “fairness” is just a word they say to get what they want, like pulling a lever to get a pellet.

Here’s Vox’s description of “black knighting”:

As is becoming abundantly clear in the wake of the PyCon debacle, women are not actually the primary problem with regards to the female tendency to upset every applecart in which they come into contact. They can only wreak the havoc they do because their white knights condone, support, and defend their destructive behavior.

To counteract the deleterious influence of these white knights, black knights are needed. By which I mean men who are capable of mastering the bureaucratic force to which women readily resort in the dark art of corporate ninjitsu.

What does that mean? It means acting exactly like a woman would every single time a female coworker does something that would result in a complaint to the employment authority if a male coworker did it. The purpose is not to get the female coworker fired, but rather, work towards shutting down the abusive system by utilizing it to its full extent. When faced with absurdity, the correct response is to push the pedal to the metal and aucto ad absurdum.

Let me give you an example. I can’t provide any details, due to the organization’s rules, but I can paint a general picture. There was a discussion of a proposed system that was, due to its nature, intrinsically unfair. Simply by expressing an intention to utilize the system to its fullest, which intention thereby illustrated its fundamental absurdity, was enough to convince at least some of the people involved that the whole concept was best abandoned.

Vox Day
Black knights

Even women infected heavily by M0 retain the instinct to apply double-standards. A necessary consequence of byzantine systems of rules is that only the choosy application of them matters: everybody’s committing an infraction, so police exercise “judgment” in deciding which people to catch in the act. Who, whom.

The proper target for subversion, then, is the white knights themselves. Not the women.


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