Anthropology! (Tex is right about everything)

H/T Doompony. I love the way polymath thought it was probably an accident. Freaking thalz, buncha ‘tards if you ask me.

Helpfully, the clip repeats. Watch it for a while.

Now answer this…using your stupid, naive, lying eyes, and not your super edjamacated, improvamented brane…

Was that an accident?

The moral of the story is that Tex has an archaeological track record second only to the Bible. Every turn of the spade (and every skull that is removed from public view or destroyed with a pick) proves him correct about something he’s been saying for a decade, despite hordes of critics shouting the opposite refrain. So when he says he has an IQ of 184, and there’s a deep state in anthropological research that instinctively covers up the existence of an advanced pre-Pleistocene world culture of giants, I’m inclined to believe him unless I have a damn good reason to say otherwise.


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