This is too funny (EPA administrators)

I decided to look into the whole EPA thing, after learning about the “new normal” radiation levels we’re supposed to grow into, like a child growing into their adult teeth. Extremely radioactive and cancerous teeth. Holy smokes, what a treasure trove of comedy!

Here’s the new director, Gina McCarthy. How are you still single?

Here’s the old director, Lisa Jackson. A wise Latina, or maybe a wise Indeterminate. Anyway, she was tan enough to get minority scholarship.

One of these ladies can do calculus and the other cannot. I’ll give you some hints from their wiki biographies:

McCarthy graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology in 1976. In 1981 she received a joint Master of Science in Environmental Health Engineering and Planning and Policy from Tufts University.[9][8]

A Boston native, McCarthy has worked on environmental issues at the state and local levels and has developed policies on economic growth, energy, transportation and the environment.[9]

The rest of the bio paints a Boston 1%er with great connections but not the brains to get into any of her first four college picks. Also, how does one stretch “social anthropology” into a 4-year degree? You could probably get the entire subject into a 200-page book that would sell to a popsci audience at Barnes and Noble. White Man bad! Rawr…

In 1979, Jackson graduated as valedictorian from Saint Mary’s Dominican High School in New Orleans.[4] She received a scholarship from the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering & Science due to her strong performance in mathematics. This allowed her to gain early exposure to a college environment.[5]

She attended Tulane University with a scholarship from Shell Oil Company.[5] A dean at the Tulane School of Engineering got her interested in that discipline as an academic path, and she graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering in 1983.[5] Jackson then earned her Master of Science degree, also in chemical engineering, from Princeton University in 1986.

Sounds like exactly the sort of minority STEM achiever- who overcame a modest background through talent- that Obama would want to be associated with, for lack of intellewhatsit chops his own self. She even says the climate change science is settled! I guess she wasn’t sufficiently enthused, though, because she was fired…er, I mean, “resigned to spend time with family”…and replaced with the new “face of Obama’s global warming/climate change initiative”: Mecha-Lesbot 3000. Having decided her family was boring, she accepted a real job from Apple Inc. a couple of months later. Not quite a wise enough Latina for a spot on the Supreme Court, but wise enough to be exploited by bourgeoisie capitalist scum. But also oppressed. See, they take turns promoting her into an executive spot and exploiting her talents, and then demoting her below the glass ceiling where she can be properly oppressed by phallocentric European patriarchs, and then back. It’s all very rape-y.

That’s just how we stale pale males do things. (Speaking of which: fellow pale males, don’t forget to pick up your operational marching orders at the drop sites tomorrow morning!)

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