I like to do this sort of thing nearabouts the year’s end. Here’s why, and here’s the accompanying comic.


So! Looking back, I can’t find the retrospective thingy from last year because I was even more ridiculously disorganized back then. I knew “improvement” would be like pole-vaulting a trip wire, but holy shit was I a fucking retard. I have trouble believing the Aeoli of Christmas Past managed to put on pants seven days per week.

Within the perspective of my longish-term vision, recognizing this is a good sign. It signals emergence from the Dunning-Kruger range of conscientious responsibility into the elite cadre known as average five-year-old children. Put a damn marshmallow in front of me right now, I dare you.

To review, my one-year plan was to become a functional adult, my five-year plan was to start making positive progress on student loan payments, and my ten-year plan was to be debt-free. Oddly, I’ve already completed the five-year objective, so that’s pretty cool. Nepotism is a powerful tool. I don’t know why anyone would do other stuff. Reports on the one-year plan are mixed, but generally good. I’ve done a pretty good job of figuring out how to be functional, and have even pulled it off for a couple of months in a row, but my failure cycling is still way too slow to count on being functional for the majority of the year. Ten-year plan is still a go.

So now I need new one and five-year plans. One-year plan is to be functional for the majority of the year, without exceptions or excuses. That means continuing to heighten both applied and trait conscientiousness. Previous ten-year plan has been bumped up to the five-year plan, which means no debt circa 2021. I have a vision of what “success” is generally (rent-free homesteading), but it’s far too ambitious for 10 years. So I’m just going to try to accomplish the rent-free part in this decade. I believe I can master the art of homelessness within ten years, and quite easily if I become a trucker. For which I now have a nepotistic lead! Yay! At this rate I might even survive the Big Stupid in 2030 or so.

I have a couple of projects already set for myself, the most important being “learn philosophy good”. Problems of particular interest are to disambiguate the mind-matter problem on the subjects of intelligence and creativity (and so on), and to harden up the utilitarian argument for blowing up the world (a reductio ad absurdum for blowing up materialism from the inside). This is the important project for the year, which must precede any real clarity in comprehensive high-IQ personality analysis. Other potential projects are floating around (thal rehabilitation curriculum and maybe a primer?), but they’ll be haphazard. Maybe I’ll try to knock out some math for anti-dummies (fingers crossed).

Oh, and I’m gonna learn how to cook, and maybe start learning how to make genetically engineered superviruses that I can keep in my freezer.

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6 Responses to Retrospection

  1. Random fan says:

    You are a very smart cookie. Why are you not a self-employed software dev? Very good life hack, that one.

    • Yeah aeoli if you learned to code I’d definitely hire you!

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        That’s very nice of you, but I’m a lot less exciting in real life. Would I be responsible enough to stay in your good graces? Part of this sentiment is self-deprecating humor, and part is serious.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >You are a very smart cookie.

      I’m a moderately smart cookie (1 in 100) with a useful perspective who happens to be compulsively creative.

      >Why are you not a self-employed software dev? Very good life hack, that one.

      True, but I do not (at present) have the skills necessary to write software, much less good software. Acquiring them would require either a sustained burst of interest, or a serious investment of time (also sustained).

      I’ll still attempt it, but it’s a tertiary goal at present.

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