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Some low-hanging fruit re: neuroscience and personality

Zero time today. Wow, never heard that excuse around here before. :eyeroll: Okay, prerequisite material is here. Let’s hit the obvious stuff and expand later. -Most people show little to no activity in the greater parietal-occipital regions in the center-back … Continue reading

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Full Amud talks to full Mousterian

Some thoughts: -Snowden has an extremely warbly voice. Schneier has more of a pedantic, nasally voice like Wozniak (I think this is probably what I sound like). Further examples of extreme warble are the Cinema Sins guy and the Don’t … Continue reading

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How confidence works

I’ve previously described, ad nauseum, that the basis of neurotypical society is conformity to an enormous complex of little behavioral rules. The people who better perceive these rules and conform most closely to them are promoted to the top. But … Continue reading

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More of the matrix stuff

The really interesting thing about network matrices is they can represent any formal system. More to the point, anything mathematical in nature (systems of equations, computer programs, flowcharts, org charts) can be represented by a list of objects and a … Continue reading

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Why are ADD types also the system builders?

Reading this, it occured to me that I haven’t yet made the connection between ADD and reality focus (vs. interpersonal focus), although it seems elementary to me. Bad Aeoli. Empathic people are much more like Turing machines because their understanding … Continue reading

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Neat idea

I have exactly zero doubt this has already been done. I’m probably cribbing from stuff I’ve learned and then forgot. First, an idea I know is pretty widespread: networks can be represented as binary matrices. If we have three objects … Continue reading

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Neuroscience of personality

Great video, courtesy lurkerf in the NH. Finally got around to listening, but it’s a beast (1:25:26). Food for the occipital, om nom nom. Glad to see the activation threshold thing isn’t just a fever dream of mine. Never occurred … Continue reading

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