Statement of the problem

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, my goal this year is to work on a particular problem. Being a dualist, I believe human consciousness is supernatural but is somehow connected (or grown) on a physical substrate that is subject to mechanistic material laws. The particular manifestation of this consciousness is heavily dependent on the substrate, but not entirely. Because it is possible to approximate the effect of the physical substrate by averaging the effects of similar substrates, it must be possible to measure the metaphysical component as a confounding variable.

In this description, I’m lumping nature and nurture into the “physical substrate”. However, this is not the case if we assume that the environment includes more metaphysical effects like other minds (who share ideas through material dialogue), supernatural intervention, and probably others. So the problem I’m looking at is a simplified version of what I suspect is a larger and more descriptive problem.

My dream is to reduce these components to a predictive model of economic utility, which is to say I want to measure creativity in “expected dollars and cents”.

This problem touches on some other topics of common interest around these parts: IQ, creativity, psychoticism (AKA associative horizon), conscientiousness, genius, the genetic and environmental components thereof, the role of intellectuals and geniuses in society, etc.


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2 Responses to Statement of the problem

  1. Craig says:

    I suggest meditation to sort through your ideas one at a time. As it just seems to me that you may be cluttered is all. When the day dreams or ideas come too thick, fast or numerous, you know it’s time to settle. What ever technique you use is up to you. A couple of minutes meditating of nothing, or even concentrating on the one problem picked can help in my experience.

    Most of my best ideas come when I’m doing some monotonous physical chore and the mind wonders…

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      My best technique is the RAM dump, as coined by hellhammer at the Neanderhall. It entails writing down ideas as quickly as possible in as few words or symbols as possible, including the initial inspiration, minus the details. Meditation is very hard for me. I can’t even focus my attention for prayer for more than five seconds, and I’ve been trying for two decades.

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