Statement of another problem (utilitarianism)

Socrates claimed that the unexamined life is not worth living. I present the stronger thesis: that a true utilitarian will blow up the world.

1) The end of all morality is to minimize suffering (and/or maximize pleasure).
2) There has been more suffering than good in the world at any given time in history.
3) This will continue to be the case for an indefinite period of time.
4) Therefore, ending the lives of all people in a relatively brief and painless nuclear Armageddon is the safest and most certain way to minimize suffering. To do anything else is less moral.

It is, effectively, the argument in favor of euthanasia extended to all creatures tending to suffer.

The problem is to flesh out this outline and prove it beyond reasonable doubt, for the purpose of blowing up utilitarianism from the inside (via reductio ad absurdum). The primary points of contention are 1) weight of evidence in favor of the second point and 2) whether Bayesian probability is applied appropriately in order to prove the third point.

This is also why I fantasize about creating superviruses and keeping them in my freezer. There’s nothing like immediacy to really bring out the inner philosopher in people.

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5 Responses to Statement of another problem (utilitarianism)

  1. outsider says:

    I have always thought it would be so much better if nothing at all existed instead of the infinite tortures of reality.

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