Ron Paul’s chin

I left a VP comment to the effect that American elites probably shelter pedophiles at least as often as the Brits have done. Well, that got me thinking…if a person persists in incorrectness when they have both the time and the brains to figure something out, then it is almost certainly due to a moral failing rather than a true misunderstanding. This becomes more and more true as more time passes.

Now this guy is a medical professional who studies Mises and Hayek in his spare time. He’s brainier than the average congressman. Also a bit of a jock, having been a Pennsylvania state sprinting champion back in his high school days.

And possibly a perv (because his medical degree is OBGYN), for the same reason that my eyebrow stays half-cocked for podiatrists, shoe salesmen, and the director of the 20-minute scene starring Uma Thurman’s feet in Kill Bill.

So imagine a smart guy wins a seat in Washington, and there’s kind of a pedophilia thing going on that everybody else knows about, but it’s considered impolite to bring it up outside of “the funhouse” (as it’s called). Even the most aspergic retard in the world is going to eventually figure out “something’s not quite right”. Maybe this has been bugging him for a few years, so he asks why vans keep bringing kids over from the orphanage every weekend, and the others tell him “it’s for school projects, and also they’re interns or something”. Maybe a decade later, he thinks it’s odd that the same 10-year-old faces keep showing up every week. “That would be an awful lot of school projects,” he muses, “and they’re kinda young to be interns.”

In conclusion: Given the evidence against him, I now think Ron Paul is a figurehead for channeling the pathos of the libertarian crowd, in the same way that the rest of the puppet government is a farce intended to channel the pathos of the masses.


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9 Responses to Ron Paul’s chin

  1. Heaviside says:

    Libertarianism is a LIE; Full Statism now!

  2. Heaviside says:

    The great thing about communist seizures of power is that the first thing the cynical sociopaths in the new revolutionary regime do is execute all of the idiots who really believed that it was all about peace and love and universal brotherhood and so on. The problem with America is that we’ve never had a right proper left-wing revolution so all of our leftists are delusional morons with no contact with reality, who normally would have been weeded out by natural processes, and Saul Alinsky. The norks are good, level-headed leftists who understand that you need to kill Chinese babies to maintain racial purity, and that nuclear missiles are more important than running water.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I think your pathological focus on “what works” to reach a particular end blinds you to external considerations. You are an aspie’s aspie. Do I have that right?

      • Heaviside says:

        No, I think violence, revolution, power, and terror are ends in themselves, to a certain extent.

      • Heaviside says:

        As a necessary moment in history, it stands by itself, but eventually revolutionary violence is sublated into the military and secret police, which are revolution as an institution. Revolutionary terror at the behest of the vanguard party is the foundation of the modern state just as much as the wanton destruction of nomadic tribes on horseback was the foundation of the feudal state. All social order is paradoxically founded on chaos and the abyss of radical negativity. Revolutionary terror is the lifeblood of, war is the health of, the state. What is so dangerous about the present moment is that the libertarians and ancaps are much closer to getting what they want than they realize. That anarcho-capitalism has gotten the popular attention that it has now is incredible, and it is only a measure of far liberal(both classical and contemporary) memes have completely uprooted all true notions of politics. Everybody universally condemns violence. Even dissenters say that they are not for violence against the state, muslims, immigrants, the rich, etc. Everybody wants to sap the strength the antithesis, make it anemic and lifeless, and end history. The weakness of our vices is not a virtue! Now more than ever, it is necessary to reaffirm the legacy of totalitarianism, Robespierre, and Napoleon.

  3. outsider says:

    I used to support the libertarians but they are so ineffective and cliched in their outreach efforts. They should paradoxically become more radical by accurately describing the changes they would cause in society.

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