The shell game

In response to the Ron Paul thing,

Libertarianism is a LIE; Full Statism now!


When I say that much can be attributed to malevolence which is usually attributed to incompetence, I’m usually talking about the powers, principalities, etc. who set policy above the top levels of human management.

Point a gun at an average dumb dumb and tell him “Either let your children read this book or I will shoot you.” What he doesn’t know is that the book will spread like a virus and wipe out his family in the 5th generation, because to him it’s just a cute little children’s fairy tale. But the person with the gun knows. And you see it. The schmuck is working from a different calculus: a small twinge that tells him “something isn’t right” vs. knowing his kids will grow up without a father. Easy choice, right?

More specifically, libertarianism is saying “Admit the possibility that God may not exist for the purpose of intellectual inquiry into the material laws of economics.” Lots of reasonable people say “Okay, sure.” And the damage is done, good intentions or not. So from the perspective of the average libertarian I think incompetence is mostly to blame, and I believe your high IQ and psychoticism hides this from you. After all, you’re one who taught me that books are like bullets.

Analogously, Slammy posted a quote by Kronecker in the TT hall:

I don’t know what predominates in Cantor’s theory – philosophy or theology, but I am sure that there is no mathematics there.

To which I responded:

I have trouble imagining how he thinks there is a difference. Wiki says he originated the saying “God made the integers, all else is the work of man.” Why not just take this as a practical starting point and hold the metaphysics in abeyance? Instead, he made it axiomatic. Aside from being absurd, it seems like he’s decided to draw the blinds and say “It doesn’t matter where the light comes from, we just accept that it’s there and work with it.” Of course, I recognize this is usually just a tactic: it seems like every time someone says “For the purpose of scientific inquiry, we will pretend that there is no god because he has no place in pure causality” they follow up a year later by saying “There is no god, because science has explained everything without him.”


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4 Responses to The shell game

  1. Heaviside says:

    If someone is too stupid to figure out that he is doing evil than he is not even human and utterly disposable. Was Adam human before he fell? I don’t think so.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      No argument from me. Dunno about the Eden thing- even if it’s a literally true story, it confuses me.

      By extension, I suppose the death penalty would be especially plausible for people found innocent by reason of insanity.

  2. Craig says:

    I’m still apolitical.

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