Smart dudes have some weird ideas

In the previous post I said that the material world affects my conscious mind because I perceive noumena as phenomena. Well, Leibniz apparently has an extremely weird counterproposal:

When it was written, the Monadology tried to put an end from a monist point of view to the main question of what is reality, and particularly to the problem of communication of substances, both studied by Descartes called mind-body dualism. Thus, Leibniz offered a new solution to mind and matter interaction by means of a pre-established harmony expressed as the Best of all possible worlds form of optimism; in other words, he drew the relationship between “the kingdom of final causes”, or teleological ones, and “the kingdom of efficient causes”, or mechanical ones, which was not causal, but synchronous. So, monads and matter are only apparently linked, and there is not even any communication between different monads, as far as they act according to their degree of distinction only, as they were influenced by bodies, and vice versa.


If this were the case, then I am deceiving myself in believing that what I’m perceiving as phenomena are from material noumena, when it’s really supernatural noumena that happen, by coincidence, to line up perfectly with a material world that exists, but I’m not actually experiencing it. Like I said, weird.

Here’s an example that might help. Imagine your head is wired up with electrodes and a deceitful demon says he’s plugging you in to the Matrix. He then applies a series of shocks that create sensations exactly like being in the Matrix. The real Matrix exists and it’s running on a server in another room, but it’s completely disconnected from anything in the room with you and the demon. If there were output wires from the server that connected to the electrodes on your head, it would produce the same sensations as the demon has picked out.

But there are no wires, it’s just a big coincidence. Or maybe the demon is reading a screen that tells him what the Matrix program is doing, and he puts the same inputs into your head. You still have no real connection to the server in the other room.


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One Response to Smart dudes have some weird ideas

  1. Craig says:

    I like to keep it simple. A friend once wrote to me something like this.

    “Our brains are like computers all the electron hopping is the zero’s and one’s being uploaded into your brain.”

    That is how mind viruses work, it’s just some of us have better computers then others.

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