Charlton answers one of my questions

Every now and then I resurrect the question “Why is society pushing geniuses to the margin when it could be exploiting them for material benefit?” It’s not like the geniuses would mind being exploited; solving difficult and interesting problems is how we get off. Pay me enough to stay alive, leave me alone to work, and I’m groovy (I consider myself a 3rd or 4th-tier genius).

Bruce Charlton answers: Why are modern conditions so hostile to genius? Because those in power are zealously protecting the web of lies

Western Modernity is hostile to genius, in a way that contrasts strongly with the history of the West.

This is not a matter of merely failing to reward geniuses. That is true, but does not really matter; since genius is (and must be) internally motivated; so genius does what genius does (unless it is actively prevented from doing it).


Those in power at the highest levels know that their position depends on sustaining this web of lies – they know because this is the main everyday activity – the manufacture and ‘management’ of the tissue of dishonesty; and the web of lies is the only world they know.

Therefore, for modern leaders, the most dangerous people in the world are those who threaten the web of lies – the geniuses; therefore genius will be fought, and their insights denied and suppressed, by whatever means are most effective: denigration, mockery, misrepresentation, demonization… whatever works.


Thus, Western Modernity has become more actively and comprehensively and systematically hostile to genius, and the insights and discoveries of genius, than perhaps any previous society; and no matter how much they are needed, the breakthroughs of genus cannot (and will not) be used – for fear of triggering a meltdown in social order; a domino-effect in which one truth leads to another, one beauty or virtuous act leads to another, and another… until the universal web of lies suddenly snaps, and gives way… and then what?

Hence the common observation that modern science cannot be trusted because good science cannot be allowed into the discussion.


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One Response to Charlton answers one of my questions

  1. Heaviside says:

    >Philosophers invented science to collect data in order to work out the divine mind and achieve moral living.

    What noxious drivel. As if the two were even compatible. Morality is obedience to law. The act of asking what good and evil actually are already places oneself into an immoral position. Philosophy is not amoral, it is anti-moral.

    If you could “work out the divine mind” you would be in the position of God, and what moral restraints apply to him?

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