Bragging, sorta

I predicted this.

Some 9 million Americans could attend community college tuition-free under a proposal President Barack Obama announced Friday.

His plan, which is subject to approval by Congress and depends on the participation of state governments, would dedicate some $60 billion over the next decade to defray tuition and fees for anyone who attends school at least half-time, maintains a roughly C+ average, and is on track to complete their program or transfer to a four-year school. The federal government would kick in about 75 percent of the cost, while participating states would pick up the rest. For the neediest students, Pell grants would help pay for transportation, room and board, and other costs associated with attending college.

Huffington Post
Obama’s Free Community College Plan Promises To Shake Up Higher Ed

This prediction would be more impressive if I hadn’t said it would happen in 2012:

This would be a good time to review my important standing predictions: Education is the next bubble and Obama will attempt to make community colleges free by the end of this year.

Ah well, still pretty good. It’s always surprising me how long stuff ends up taking.


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  1. I always knew you were prophetic :)

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