Sick again (reduced psychoticism)

Suggests I’m not doing something right. I think I went immediately back to overworking myself before I had recovered from the strep throat.

It’s not a total waste though, because I’ve picked up another important piece to the puzzle. While sick, I’ve had a problem with maintaining attention on my surroundings (longer, more persistent daydreaming) but I haven’t had any sensory hallucinations or delusions (like believing that my daydreams might be revelations from God or something). I’m beginning to think that any strain at all on the psychotic brain (alcohol, strong unmet desire, suffering, sickness, etc.) will produce the trait of alignment that I’ve alluded to. This has the effect of reducing psychoticism in general, and to some extent also conscientiousness (which depends heavily on biological energy, as I’ve said).

This may lead, in some cases, to higher scores on IQ tests, because a combination of high energy and psychoticism can lead to high distractibility (controlling this requires small expenditures of time and will mid-test). Understanding this may allow me to describe Koanic’s insight here:

Aeoli Pera > OT question: why would alcohol make me score higher on IQ tests? It doesn’t immediately make sense to my third or fourth-rate mind. (This is an empirical observation.)

Koanic > You are creative, not intelligent, according to Staffan’s blog. That’s Thal/occipital intelligence. Probably the alcohol destructures your mind somewhat so it operates more like Melon intelligence. See his post on CS Lewis vs Tolkein.

I think dyslexia is an extreme case of high biological energy plus high psychoticism, minus high intelligence. The visual, perceptual faculties in the occipital are exhibiting the same obsessive recombination behavior that characterizes occipital cognition (leading to intuitive creativity), except it’s projected onto the outside world (due to low white matter and therefore low general intelligence- as in capability for ratiocination).


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2 Responses to Sick again (reduced psychoticism)

  1. Craig says:

    Alcohol as you consume and it takes affect the first parts of the brain to shut down are the higher functioning skills be they cognitive or creative. In men Testosterone will also be dulled down a bit, in women it has the opposite effect of increasing testosterone(great for setting the mood and frame). When you drink too much and are drunken stupor your brain shuts down to the point of a infant/toddler… then you shit and piss yourself parro on the floor.

    Why do you score a higher IQ when tipsy drunk, red ears or nose and are happy… Well I would say it’s a lack of caution, and going with a more gut instinct, rather then over thinking with higher cognitive skills.


  2. Craig says:

    I’m half way through a script for bloody Strep throat to, dam those streptococci. Have a haemolytic strain, my uvula went necrotic . EWWW.

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