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I can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned this, but it occurred to me that my prediction of high genetic distance within the European Jewish population would also explain the high incidence of Asperger’s. Reviewing Cooijmans’ summary of the hereditary factors of AS, this suggests a fuller explanatory picture:

3. One or both of the parents are of Jewish descent; the notion that Asperger has a high incidence in Jews exists in some circles, where it is even claimed that the Hollywood film industry has been created largely by Aspergoid Jewish film directors. In this respect it should be noted that Jews have the highest average I.Q. of any ethnic group, and a highly plausible theory explaining the eugenic effects responsible for that is given by Henry Harpending and others in the article “The Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence”. It seems reasonable to hypothesize that Asperger in Jews may be a side-effect of their thus genetically raised intelligence and conscientiousness;

4. The two parents have a large genetic distance to one another, that is, share little common ancestors; in practice this means they belong to different ethnic groups or different races. In such cases of “outbreeding” one may see what is called “hybrid vigour” or “heterosis”. That is, positive traits are raised as a result of the greater number of heterozygous genes, allowing the expression of dominant alleles therein that enhance the traits; also, there is a correspondingly smaller amount of disadvantageous double-recessive gene pairs. It is imaginable, and may be observed in practice, that Asperger sometimes emerges as a side-effect of outbreeding; this idea (insofar it concerns Asperger or autism being a result of outbreeding) was provided by Barry Beanland.

Paul Cooijmans
Straight talk about Asperger syndrome

Recall that European Jews look more like each other than they look like their host populations. A German Jew and a French Jew often look more like one another than the German Jew looks like a white German, and more than the French Jew looks like a white Frenchman. (I can’t say I’m confident in this assertion, having made few observations, but for the moment I’ll assume it for the sake of illustrating the current theory.) Combined with the “cyclical diaspora” theory of Ashkenazi eugenics, we observe that Ashkenazim have acquired traits from a wide range of European races. This would mean that Cooijmans’ point #4 explains point #3.

More on this tonight, I think.


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  1. Craig says:

    I agree with this I’ve met half caste Jews in my time and be they yiddish or Ashkenazi the typical traits are there even when mixed with other European types.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Yup, and this is not merely cultural (even though they share a very strong, tribal culture) because it’s visible in the physiognomy. You can look at an Ashkenazi and recognize he’s a Jew, regardless of national origin. They are somehow sort of an epi-race.

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