Psychotic clogging

I’m experiencing this somewhat right now, so I figure I should take the opportunity to describe it.

Psychotic clogging looks a lot like writer’s block (or equivalent) to an outside observer because it has the same halting effect on creative expression, but the cause is exactly the opposite. Writer’s block occurs when the muses stop talking, whereas clogging occurs when the muses won’t shut up. As I’ve mentioned previously, there’s an optimum rate of insight for creative people. This goes further than that.

Imagine you just had an idea that would change the world. Maybe it’s a way to filter water through sand that would remove all chemicals and micro-organisms. You’re still in the ecstasy of the exposition period when another insight of similar magnitude occurs. And then a third. Hrm.

What arises is the creative man’s form of choice paralysis, because all of these tasks are extremely demanding of his attention. The muses are feminine, after all. As one might expect from the analogous physical situation, in the moment this competition can be both pleasant and somewhat alarming. Without appropriate action the situation can deteriorate quickly- leaving the polygyne with zero muses and therefore a proper case of writer’s block.

I haven’t ever solved this dilemma, I’m just giving it a name right now.

That’s not the reason for the silence over the weekend though- that was because I was writing a song. It turned out very well. Probably my best so far, in fact. In about eight hours of work I was able to write all five parts (two guitars, organ, bass guitar, and percussion), whereas I usually only finish one or two parts in the initial “sprinting” period. It’s the only one I’ve ever considered completely finished.

I’m trying to figure out a good way of sharing music I’ve written, because screen captures posted to YouTube aren’t very good and TuxGuitar’s .midi export is even worse.


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