Clumsily putting some pieces together

When empires become wealthy, they self-destruct. M0 is the phenomenon which explains the decadence and self-destruction of empires. Perception and intuition rely on gray matter acting more like a neural network. Gray matter production requires acetylcholine. Formal logic and social cognition are much more like sequential computation.

White matter, being simple and Pavlovian, is necessary for navigating complex systems of simple and shallow rules. Dopamine controls the production of white matter. Jewish intelligence is overwhelmingly comprised of white matter, hence their high charisma and high general intelligence, but low intuition and pattern/relevance perception (gray matter) and production of geniuses as described by Cooijmans/Eysenck/Charlton. White matter people dominate as M0 progresses, hence gay, female, and Jewish success as empires decline.

The ratio of white/gray matter predisposes a person to a certain cognitive style, but average activation potential and physical arousal determine it from moment to moment. Activation potential may determine “cognitive style” as in brain wave type, so that lower activation threshold means white matter dominance, resulting in neurotypical cognitive style. Possibly this is why magnets and TDCS change cognitive style, because synapses are already halfway to activation. When activation threshold is high, dreamy ADHD cognitive style dominates, except when this threshold is reached by high arousal due to danger (amygdala stimulation) or hyperfocus (thalamus stimulation). This high arousal state forces a large boost in the trait that I call “alignment”, and temporarily simulates superhuman IQ.

An overactive amygdala combined with gray matter predominance could give rise to a constant state of hyperfocus (by mere habit), leading to the phenomenon described by William James as “reserve energy”. Sustained hyperfocus is dangerous and in extreme cases leads to cerebral hemorrhage and death.

Dark triad types (narcissism, psychopathy, machiavellianism) thrive in an M0 environment because they rely on white matter ipso facto triggers to produce reliable rational and emotional effects. This has little to no effect on natural immunes to M0 because white matter activation cascades require low activation potential. This is reversed in a state of high-arousal hyperfocus- leading to extreme vulnerability to dark triad triggering techniques. I have a highly gray matter-dominant cognitive style and a high activation potential, which explains my general inattention, tendency to ingenuity in dangerous situations, and lack of psychic “handles” for manipulation, as described by a low-functioning aspiepath at the strip club.

The “burnout” phenomenon seen in many forced child prodigies (and deep thals in general) is due to long-term hyperfocus, combined with exploitative social environments, which leads to many ongoing triggered cascades.

Psychoticism (mental model formation through factor analysis) is in the gray matter and conscientiousness (rule formation and adherence) is in the white matter. Physical energy and state of arousal determine cognitive style.


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4 Responses to Clumsily putting some pieces together

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  2. Craig says:

    When I burnout I meditate the clutter away, it generally takes me 24 hours to recover. With much meditation. Pending on severity.

    Do you believe in astral planes that the mind can access?

    I experienced this with a friend last year who was going through the mourning of a lost loved one, it is really surreal.

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