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On acetylcholine vs. dopamine.

Artificially elevated levels of dopamine and dopamine addiction lead to a huge edifice of lies and ritual addiction that is hostile to paradigm shifts, and therefore hostile to genius (and honesty in general). Because genuine entrepreneurial activity is a subset of genius (original post, then Ctrl-F for my comment spree), it is also considered dangerous and quashed under the weight of vast maze-like systems of rituals and regulations. These ritual systems, taken as a whole, constitute The Cathedral as described by neoreactionary types.

Neural networks are much more efficient for perception-like tasks. Because evidence-based judgment, honesty, genius, clear perception of the world, entrepreneurial activity, the middle class in general, etc are all necessary for economic and technological superiority, these interlocking systems give rise to the anticipated class warfare of the high and low vs the middle, where the middle would be exterminated if not for the advantage they confer against external nations through liquidity, technology, and individual fitness through k-selection (vs. group fitness via reproduction rate). Empires have no need for increasing superiority as long as their competitors are successfully repressed.

ADHD cognitive style relies on gray matter volume and scales with brain volume because it depends on the number of nuclei, and connectivity needs are minimal. Thal craniums therefore tend to largeness and spherical expansion. Visuo-spatial IQ also scales with cranial volume. Neurotypical cognitive style relies on white matter and scales with surface area, and therefore melon skulls tend to conical shape, and neurotypical brains in general tend to have more and deeper fissures in the neocortex, and greater general interconnectivity between computation modules and in the corpus callosum.

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  1. Craig says:

    Reading your entrepreneurial comments at the link. It’s funny I come from the Justice/warrior caste, and have a similar joke.
    Anyway I was at the GP 3 days ago, sat next to a fellow digger, ex air-force fellow who last time I spoke to, was going to re-enlist. He had second thoughts and was over it after 2 weeks back on base. So he applied for the Police and Customs, both knocked him back. I jokingly said, “Mate, get your wang cut off and they’ll accept you straight away.” :-D That is not good though, experience is being knocked back…

    I’ve a condition with my Visuo-spatial ability, my son has it too. Apparently my neural network sorted itself out so I was self taught, or perhaps schooling was better in my day. My red headed boy was having trouble at school, double vision and spatial awareness was poor, which I found complexing as that is the opposite of myself. Armed with exercises from the Optomatrist, who also suffered from the same condition far more servilely, compared to my son who’s condition is very mild.

    To the point.
    With home school, and understanding of my son’s condition, the exercises and the 3 R’s, he is cured. With one huge advantage, he can control his double vision, turn it on and off, and can see more then 180′ combined with his visual field of view and his peripheral vision. Just like I do. Except my son can switch it on and off and see double, and mine reacts to the situation yet my neural network has blended my double vision so it looks like it’s not double, confirmed by the Optomatrist. I can switch the double vision on and access other neurons but I have to concentrate and look at weird angles. My son’s vision should develop like mine to the point his brain will interpret the double vision as one field of view and he may loose his on/off switch to a natural reactive state.

    Why is this important to my caste?

    Matrix time.

    Well, I’m a natural close combat fighter, I exert that 1% of energy to move myself in such a position I see the fist, knee or leg glide past my face. Every thing slows right down in the moment giving me the ability to put my opponent off balance by using his weight against him. A natural Judo if you will. It’s why I’m not afraid to take on 5 – 6 people at the same time. When growing up I was more worried that I would hurt someone, when I lost that inhibition I realised I had great discipline and control over my actions. I’m self taught in this aspect, not receiving any formal martial arts, apart from my military experience.

    Funny Alpha V’s Beta training combat. When being taught crowd control take downs.

    Imagine a circle of men dressed in Green camo. Three diggers in the middle all back to back with there eyes closed. The SGT MP taps two people on the shoulder to let know who takes down who. My shoulder was not tapped. So two against one, I like those odds, Beta’s just makes it a play date.

    My opponents

    Wingman – 6’4″ 242 Pounds body fat probably 20%

    Beta veteran – 6’2″ 176 Pounds body fat about 18%

    My stats – 6’2″ 200 Pounds body fat about 2% I was one fit heavy endurance, strength and agility moulded mother fucker.

    Rules of the game you can only be on your knees, take down holds only, so submission, my favourite.

    MP SGT yells “Begin” I turn to wingman and wink, he thinks I’ve been tapped and takes out Beta’s arms, with one arm I flip beta on his guts. My other hand puts Beta Veterans legs into the reverse cross hold. Beta veteran looks at Wingman and says,”Did you get tapped?”, Wingman “yeah”, Beta “Well so did I.” :-D So Wingman launches himself at me to take me down from the top, being I’m still using one arm to hold Beta veteran down. I calibrate by position as he comes towards me, my free right hand pulls his left shoulder to the ground and I twist his arm behind his back, not a strong hold with one arm, so wingman breaks free. Wingman then comes from behind, on the right side, I position myself to flip him over my right shoulder so wingman lands on his guts next to Beta Veteran. With my Free right hand I then put wingman in the reverse cross leg position and hold both Beta Veteran and Wingman in that position. This took less then 60 seconds.

    This was not meant to happen, obviously, but I enjoyed it all. The Cromag MP SGT told us 4 minutes of trying to break out of holds would weaken anyone into submission, so I had time to hold them to make my point. 60 seconds latter I see SGT MP from the corner of my eye, come up behind me on the right, he was standing up to. He grabbed me and threw me to the ground and told the weak boys to get me. So there’s me, recovered in the push up position, Wing man is working on my arms and Beta Veteran is working on my legs. Me I just hold, as I can sense MP SGT lurking behind me on the right. After a 2 minutes of this, the MP SGT yells at the boys to both work on my arms. The MP SGT then goes to work on my legs, beginning with a stand up drop elbow into the back of my right knee. I have calves the size of bricks by the way…

    Still in the push up position fending off the two boys with ease , I can feel the MP is now kneeling and repeatedly drooping with all his torso weight with his elbow into the same spot on the back of my right knee. I still hold. After breaking the big Maroi Private MP’s record of 8 minutes and 30 second, plus I had three opponents not 2. The MP SGT calls off the demonstration, pulls me up by the hand, then asks me if I use steroids in a jokingly matter… I reply “Highlander legs SGT”. :-)

    God I enjoyed those days.

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