Plans for to be adult guy

I did a socializing! Bad food, booze, conversation and bowling. That means brain fog today, which means ungood talky talky. On the other hand, I pretty much mastered bowling (8 strikes in 10 throws at the end). Turns out you just do the same thing every time. And it works! Wow. Life, man, it’s all just, like, energy, man.

So rather than writing something difficult, I’ma share my hopeful plans for the near future: Driving trucks. My mom recently said that she knew someone who works for Knight in the Indianapolis area, and that I should apply to that company’s training program and crash with her and Dad in the meantime. Sounds good. Well, the Knight contact lady got laid off. Bummer…for her too of course, but my situation is obviously more tragic because I’m me and she’s not. I have a general policy about filling out applications: waste of time if I don’t already have the job. Well, I figure I should apply in this case because the demand for truck drivers is so high that it may be possible to get a job through the normal application process.

My brother and room-mate is thinking about moving in with his girlfriend around May or June because he’s retarded. That gives me a timetable for studying up, passing the written test, doing all the application nonsense, re-reading Trucking Truth and getting a pre-hire letter if possible. Normal life is stupid and hard though and I don’t have a great track record for forcing myself to study subjects that don’t interest me. Still, I can probably manage this one. I’ve come a long way from the 2011 dopamine draught, when I lacked the ability to fill out a one-page application. Ideas are still way better than real life though, and now there are more of them. Tricky.

I’ve been thinking about becoming a trucker for a long time. The reasons for this should be obvious to introverts and creative types. But! I’m going to say them anyway.

1) The money is good, or will be until the Fedgov fucks up the minimum wage. That means I could continue toward the five-year goal of debt freedomness. Also, no rent! Gonna couch surf and bum it. Teh bitches gonna cry about comfort, but Fedgov can’t fuck up my lower baseline needs. It’s like that Firefly song, except they can take the sky from me (joke’s on them- I actually never had it), but gul-dernit they won’t be able to find my fetid sleepy-couch because its tucked away in a cozy storm drain.

2) Most of the time you get to spend alone. This is great for thinky thinky and a certain subset of books that can be absorbed as audiobooks. Given all this thinky time, my ideas might come out as much as three quarters-baked, rather than half-baked as is my current practice. Extraverts gonna try to fuck this up, but they only have 24 hours each and they have to go socialize and take showers and go to the bathroom. Because of the way they are, I assume they have come up with some excuse for interrupting a train of thought every five seconds or so. Can’t see my ignore face though! Now you read body language like aspie, bwahaha!

3) It’s not all the time. Sure, it’s a lifestyle, and it gets busy because there’s actually a job what needs doing (some of these have survived the M0 plague), but there’s downtime. More like uptime! That’s for techie books and bloggy blog and other weirdo stuff. Plan to learn programming in the meantime, probably also pick up math-phys again. Good intersectionality there, like lesbian Aleutians. One nice thing about this is all that extra reading time primes the mind somehow for passively absorbing even more information, rather than being all nutso all the time. Another nice thing is I won’t have to do all this hacker worldview bullshit- I can actually have something approaching a real education.

For how long this? I dunno. If do want, then until Big Stupid maybe. Use truck for Jew gold! If do not want, then until job through GitHub.

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11 Responses to Plans for to be adult guy

  1. Random fan says:

    LOL, you are retarded.

    Learn you a coding, incorporate, network a bit, and become a highly paid contractor. Good balance of stress and income (finance pays more but higher stress).

    It´s a drok darn travesty that you should be working minimum wage. Genius, hack thyself…

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I am doing what I can with a limited attention span! Didn’t you read the quote from Woodley? Me is genius with zmart brane. I needs more lurv!


      • Random fan says:

        I am only harping on this because I did the same thing. Dicked around with minimum wage and college before raising my conscientiousness and network enough to bank serious cash in contracting. If I can do it, you can too.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Can you reverse-engineer the process of raising your conscientiousness? I’ve been trying to regular-type-engineer it and progress has been steady but pretty slow.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Speaking hypothetically, mind. I’m not asking you to do it RIGHT NOW, I’m just wondering if you have the sense that it would possible given time, effort, etc.

        From observation, I’d bet that thals experience two extreme phase changes of conscientiousness after 1) getting married, and 2) having a baby.

  2. Random fan says:

    FWIW, I would suggest taking a junior employee role for 2 years and learning the ropes that way. Less pay but you are expected to be a beginner. If I had done that at 18 instead of mid 20s, I would be way ahead.

  3. lflick says:

    YEAH I always wanted to become a trucker. DO IT DO IT DO IT

    Man all those hours just having ideas. So great. I’d probably have learned to type one-handed and set up a chorded keyboard next to the gear shift. Yeah.

  4. Craig says:

    Oi mate I’ll stick my occa Aus accent on, hey! :-D

    MAte, in the trucking industry right, don’t get addicted to the money of all nighters right. If you get addicted to needing that extra money for being a long haul over night straight ace fucking legend righgt, then eventually ya gonna get addicted to that meth shit right.

    Accent off.

    Yeah that’s a problem here with all the long haul trucking.

    If you find a sweet day time trucking job around home, so you always sleep at home go for it. Long haul you don’t make big money unless you cheat your body.

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