That’s thal and tard smooshed into one word. This guy explains why. He’s pretty neat.

Fairly recently, Cleve ended one of his posts by hypothesizing that “melonheads” must have had a love-hate relationship with the neanderthals. He can only speak to his side of the equation, but he thinks he is correct. I can only speak to mine, but I too think he is correct. Between the two of us we appear to have bridged the gap.

Look, what do Atlanteans respect more than anything else?


What do neanderthals tend to possess in far greater quantities than the Lulu hordes?


In this regard, ‘thals tend to win our respect.

That’s the “love” half of our love-hate relationship. As for the “hate” half, well, have you ever met ‘thals? Lulus may be mindless automatons, but ‘thals can be the biggest pain in the ass of anything that walks this earth. They are eccentric, neurotic blockheads with no taste for nuance, subtlety, or the sublime grandeur of the world around us. They are rigid and stiff not just in their beliefs, but in every imaginable aspect, right down to the way they walk. No fluidity. No grace. It is difficult to respect a thing like that.

Atlantean-Neanderthal Relations

So the point is he’s right. This is one of the reasons I often call thals “retarded”. We’re kind of retarded sometimes. In some areas that seem basic to neurotypical folks, we are completely hopeless. John C. Wright illustrates this here:

There was the time I was lost looking for my own house, and I went up to a girl on the street and said, “Pardon me, miss, could you tell me if the Wright family lives on this block?” and she answered, “Daddy, that is our house over there.”

Okay, so that did not exactly literally happen, but things like that do happen to me. Like all men, I am ‘smart’ in the things I am good at, like putting words together in a row or solving logic puzzles or analyzing abstract concepts, and ‘stupid’ in things I am bad at, like counting over ten without taking off my shoes, remembering my children’s names, or my phone number, social security number, birthday, anniversary, or how to drive a kids to a Boy Scout meeting one block away without getting lost.

Comment by John C. Wright
The definitive IQ list

Ditto. When I went a-socializing yesterday the location was 10 miles away. I got lost three times and spent an hour driving.

Here’s a more general excerpt by Michael Woodley, courtesy Bruce Charlton:

Dr Michael Woodley of Menie, from the Free University of Brussels, believes that individuals who can be classified as geniuses have brains that are wired differently and are programmed to be unable to deal with small details. “They’re incapable of managing normal day to day affairs,” says Dr Woodley.

“History is littered with anecdotes of geniuses who fail at the most spectacularly mundane tasks. Einstein got lost on one of his sojourns in Princeton, New Jersey. He went into a shop and said, ‘Hi, I’m Einstein, can you take me home please?’ He couldn’t drive and the small things that most people take for granted were totally beyond his capabilities.”

Dr Woodley believes geniuses are “literally not hardwired to be able to learn those kind of tasks. Every time they attempt to allocate the effort into dealing with the mundanities in life they’re constitutionally resisted; their brains are not capable of processing things at that low level.”

Genius, Dr Woodley says, can be found in people with modestly high levels of psychoticism [often typified by interpersonal hostility] and very high intelligence, with IQs scores of more than 140 or 150. Furthermore they are, he says, often asexual as their brains use the space allocated to urges such as sexual desire for additional cognitive ability.

The Telegraph
Why Do Geniuses Lack Common Sense?

Wow, that turned into a lot of words, and I barely wrote any of them! Now I know how Steve Sailer does it.

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10 Responses to Thards

  1. Polymath says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen that blog before. This guy is claiming to be a Melon, but has he posted pics?

    • Craig says:

      I’m still scared to post my pics cause I think, “Fuck do I have a little bit of melon in me, or did I learn this from my environment growing up and exposure to the internet.” that’s my hypothesis anyway. Then again I’m now telling people about my mind hacking learning, as I didn’t think anyone would believe me… So I had to act like a asshole(Mean melon head) for a while.

      LOL I made two attempts, cause I forgot my first password to my first account, I did post a thread or 2 in the untyped hall, encountered DP the fag(tongue in cheek dude if your reading). Then though fuck it, I been burned out on forums before you know…

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  6. Lackland says:

    I have a lifelong history of getting lost within a 3 kilometer radius of my own home (makes me wonder what would have happened had I not access to any phone for calling or GPS to save me at those points in time) :(

    At one point as a kiddo, I lost myself on the way home from a friend who lived only 500 meters away…
    Not to mention how many times I’ve fucked up on the subway. God, I hate public transportation. One time I somehow managed to take the buss in the opposite direction (maybe that’s more than one time, actually). These shutdowns are often due to pre-existing stress and anticipation (or excitement), or navigating in an unfriendly enviroment(=loads of input from masses of people), a slight disturbance is enough to override rational thought.

    I really enjoy reading your posts, and your writeprint (the ones my IQ allows for, anyhow… which is most of the material, fortunately.)

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Ja, sounds like the same phenomenon at work. And who doesn’t hate public transit? You’ll never see people on it who also voted for it (except black people, they’d vote for poop in a bucket if it were handed out for free).

  7. jkh0 074 says:

    “Ditto. When I went a-socializing yesterday the location was 10 miles away. I got lost three times and spent an hour driving.”

    LOL. I have always thought that couldn’t happen to people with IQs higher than mine.
    Let’s say creative intuitive types are prone to be visuo-spatially retarded.
    And this retardation usually goes unnoted because, well, they still have a visuo-spatial quotient of 100 or more (being their other Qs in the 130 and up).

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