Neuroscience of personality

Great video, courtesy lurkerf in the NH. Finally got around to listening, but it’s a beast (1:25:26). Food for the occipital, om nom nom.

Glad to see the activation threshold thing isn’t just a fever dream of mine. Never occurred to me that each of these different modules can each have gray matter-dominant states and white matter-dominant states (representing neurotypical vs. ADD cognitive style), but it certainly makes sense in retrospect. In terms of genius, I’m thinking the “all red” state is the moment of inspiration and “all yellow” is the exposition period (experience is similar to a high-intensity sensual experience). “Blue” is when you sit down to write the damn thing and it comes out nice and smooth. White matter (axon activation) predominates cognitive style when regions are highly active, ADD recombinant style is the Christmas tree. “All red” means for some reason (maybe amygdala or thalamus stimulation) the ADD brain is temporarily simulating extremely high neurotypical IQ.

I needa get me one a those hats.

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8 Responses to Neuroscience of personality

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  2. Craig says:

    INFP is one of my aspects the major, but I have two. :-)

    That dude is cool, he has the same accent as Sheldor of big bang. He’s also red pilled.

    Q and A fascinating. I get a tone of Hipster Racists from the Google peeps.

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