Why are ADD types also the system builders?

Reading this, it occured to me that I haven’t yet made the connection between ADD and reality focus (vs. interpersonal focus), although it seems elementary to me. Bad Aeoli.

Empathic people are much more like Turing machines because their understanding of other people is based on following a large number of simple rules. This is the simulation theory of mind, where a person thinks “That person is smiling. If I were smiling, it would be because I’m happy. Therefore, that person is happy.” Because empathic people eventually develop high complexity in their social interactions, we see the rise of what normies call subtlety: “That salesman is smiling not because he is happy, but because he wants me to think he is, because he wants my money, because that is what I have done previously as a salesman.” The large number of simple rules eventually becomes a giant layered edifice of abstraction.

ADD is the cognitive style typified by a neural network. This “weighted factor analysis” cognitive style is far more efficient for perception and simulation of objects in the material world:

Like other machine learning methods – systems that learn from data – neural networks have been used to solve a wide variety of tasks that are hard to solve using ordinary rule-based programming, including computer vision and speech recognition.


The mind of the ADD person is restless because it is constantly engaged in the optimization problem of perceiving the outside world using the most streamlined theory possible. Endless recombination of previous perceptions to build predictive models, most of which is unconscious.

An ADD mind relies on a behavioral theory of mind: state one is perceived to be statistically likely to precede state two. “The man is smiling because he expects to receive my money, because that is what has happened in the past.” This is an inefficient theory of mind compared to emulation, but it is sometimes the only method available if the other mind is sufficiently alien. This is what I have previously meant by saying people became easier for me to understand once I started treating them like physical objects subject to laws that can be statistically observed and formulated.

Now, it’s not quite correct to say that a person is one type or the other. We all have white matter and gray matter in our brains, and we may exhibit NT cognitive style in one part of the brain while another is in ADD mode. In fact, it would be impossible to be a system builder if not for the ability to first visualize it (ADD style) and then express it in some sequential order (often in words; NT style). And it would be impossible for the NT person to even see the salesman’s smile without at least some gray matter in the occipital lobe. It’s a personality dimension, like preference for introversion or extraversion- which happens to go a long way toward explaining the curious interaction between psychoticism and conscientiousness.

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  1. Craig says:

    Sorry for posting this here as I couldn’t find your Fungus foot post. This is probably mandatory reading for all thals, and yes melons to. It fits in with the coconut oil regime. You see a manifestation of fungus or yeast infections can be a sign your whole body is out of balance. This blog explains it all and my advice would be to incorporate some of the measures, everyone is different some things work for some and others not…

    Your strep throat may actually be a yeast infection, and not enough beneficial bacteria to bring your pH back into balance. Just had feeling it may help you mate.



    You don’t have to buy there products either, but I have noticed they have a larger array of beneficial bacteria for sale then can be bought in the organic store or chemist here… The holistic symbiosis approach is rather magnificent.

    I found it a really good read.

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