Some low-hanging fruit re: neuroscience and personality

Zero time today. Wow, never heard that excuse around here before. :eyeroll:

Okay, prerequisite material is here. Let’s hit the obvious stuff and expand later.

-Most people show little to no activity in the greater parietal-occipital regions in the center-back (although there’s some activity in the visual cortex). This is, first of all, hilarious. People with Sensing preference rather than Intuiting preference really are retarded, it’s not just your imagination.

-Second, activity which does occur here tends to the Christmas tree pattern. This shows us that introverted intuition usually occurs in the parietal and occipital, as I’d expected. However, if this area followed a neurotypical pattern, we’d expect a strongly introverted thinking person, probably an INTP/ISTP.

-People with a Christmas tree pattern are the proper ADD types (ENTP mad scientist, ENFP conspiracy theorist). These are people with low general intelligence, high psychoticism, and high biological energy. Their intuition is projected on the outside world. They are also highly sensitive to sensory inputs.

-INFPs show a fairly unique “halo” pattern of activation. The intuition that these are social group thals (see RDOS) is probably correct. Generally, the stuff around the ears and eyes are social/emotional processing regions. I would expect to observe a local Christmas tree pattern in the frontal lobe region while they talk. Hence, introverted feeling, extraverted intuition.

Welp, there goes the timer. Probably no posting tomorrow, church plus family plus work plus Super Bowl. Oh well, see ya’ll Monday :-).

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5 Responses to Some low-hanging fruit re: neuroscience and personality

  1. Craig says:

    Can I see RODS?

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