AC Plug (free books!)

Not writing anything today, but anyone reading this is probably interested in free Castalia House books tomorrow and Tuesday, particularly Anonymous Conservative’s pricier ones (although CH has dropped the price considerably).


For those interested, The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics, How to Deal with Narcissists, and The Altar of Hate by Vox Day will all be free in ebook form at Castalia House on Monday and Tuesday. I’ll post the links on Monday.

The Altar of Hate is a compilation of ten great stories ranging from Fantasy to Military Science Fiction. As one reviewer wrote, “Each offering contained in The Altar of Hate tickles or provokes the mind with salacious ‘what ifs’ and glances behind the veil of reality. The stories move along, but one feels the uneasy eyes of the abyss staring back as you progress, as it were, through a darkened ancient forest. Only an author of the first rank could achieve this.”

While I don’t have that big of a readership compared to Vox, I’m hoping those here who haven’t yet stopped by Castalia’s website and partaken of their incredible titles will maybe find a great new source for all their high quality sci-fi/fantasy/military-theory/educational/non-fiction needs, and in so doing help establish our foothold on this great new beachhead in the publishing world. If we can get Castalia to the point it is the new Simon and Schuster, we will have helped alter the very terrain on which our future battles will be fought.

It is an exciting time in Conservatism. The theories beneath political science are shifting, the cultural tides in publishing are changing, and maybe the very natures of our citizens are becoming more K-selected. It feels like we are approaching a turning point rapidly, and just at the right time.

Until the turning point comes, take some free books, then tell your friends about r/K, and rave to your friends about how awesome Castalia House Publishing is. We are making a difference, with every person we tell.

Anonymous Conservative
Free Books at Castalia House

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5 Responses to AC Plug (free books!)

  1. Heaviside says:

    Anonymous Conservative makes a far too common mistake among conservatives, which is to think that personal attitudes and values can substitute for ideology and political theory.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      How is valuing power different, for acting man, from valuing something that will bring happiness?

      I understand I’m assuming the answer in the question, but I don’t have a better way to pose it.

      • Heaviside says:

        Click to access modern.pdf

        “Since the dawn of civilization, men have sought
        to define the boundaries of freedom and governance.
        Some have asserted that each individual must be left
        alone, to sort his own affairs, and bear the responsibility
        for his decisions, regardless of whether he thrives or
        whithers. Others have asserted that to be free, a man must
        be given all that is required to enjoy his freedom.”

        Is that the distinction any significant number of people thought was most fundamental in politics (on the continent) before (the French Revolution or) the English Civil War? It just shows the lack of an acknowledgement of historical distance which is endemic among conservatives, because modern American conservatism is just a subjective attitude that exists within the confines of Liberalism and not its own free standing political conception. The subjective “freedom” both “conservatism” and “liberalism” cherish is just the capricious whims of “the individual,” not the rational Freedom of ideas. Thus he writes a paper supposedly on “Modern Political Thought” but he does not actually engage with thoughts but with basic animal drives, because thought is the universal. He tries to answer where “liberals” come from but he does not endeavour to discover where Liberalism comes from.

        What he says about WWII vets is very similar to what Hitler said about WWI, about the culling of the braver and more honourable members of society on the battlefield while the weak, cowardly, and dishonest were left to manage things back home. The r/K thing is common sense to someone familiar with the heuristic and folksy biological thinking that was common in the 19th century and informed National Socialism, but that movement failed because reducing thought to materialist biology is regressive and nihilistic, though not as nihilistic as the alternatives. Besides, hardly anybody who reads that page is willing to take that kind of thing to its logical conclusions, to support state-enforced eugenics and genetic engineering, anti-semitism, and more deeply, the idea of society as an organism or organic unity, and vitalistic naturphilosophie. They love to worry about the impossible re-emergence of old-fashioned Machenschaft as portrayed by 1984 too much to side with O’Brien when he says, “Can you not understand, Winston, that the individual is only a cell? The weariness of the cell is the vigour of the organism. Do you die when you cut your fingernails?”

        If this were to gain any traction it would just end up being a really mediocre form of National Socialism, and it would get called anti-semitic; “Oy vey dis kind of tinking led to da Shoah!” So what if liberals are biologically inferior people? So what if they all do get bred out of the gene pool? Then we’ll just have an atomized population of genetically fit people still trapped in the anti-philosophical matrix of modernity.

        When I say that he substitutes personal attitudes for ideology I mean that he has a negative attitude toward government power and the realm of the political(the opposite of what Aristotle had) but not a different conception of the political from the “liberal”. Both “conservatives” and “liberals” are trapped within Liberalism and cannot conceive of anything different from it.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          I’m beginning to believe that consciousness actually requires a physical substrate the way a plant requires soil. This is because, of the few things we know for sure about consciousness, one is that its vitality is variable over time and it seems to have a beginning before which memories are not just forgotten, but nonexistent. I think the parable of the sower explains this as well as anyone ever has. The seed is the divine spark, the soil is the world/meatbrain, and the sunlight is the will which provides gross, anti-entropic energy input that only a plant seed can use constructively. During the night, the sun/will is absent and k selection prunes the branches.

          Anything obviously wrong with all that?

      • Heaviside says:

        >it seems to have a beginning before which memories are not just forgotten, but nonexistent.

        You know, Plato said that knowledge of the forms is a pre-birth memory, which is why the Science of Logic comes before the Naturphilosophie.

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