SWATing and narcissists

Inspired by the SWATing phenomenon:

Swatting has seemingly become a national phenomenon in the online gaming world, with pranksters calling police and claiming that heinous crimes are underway at a certain location. That usually prompts armed SWAT teams to arrive at the scene. Often, the prank call appears to be coming from the innocent target’s address.


First thing, from a safe distance this is hilarious. I’d almost think this was an example of black knighting the over-militarized police departments, except here’s the retardo in question:

A 19-year-old Las Vegas teen is expected to appear in court Monday, days after being arrested in connection to a July swatting incident in suburban Illinois.

It’s hard to imagine, but some people actually have to grow up in Sin City. That can’t be good for your amygdala.

Brandon Wilson, who goes by the online handle “Famed God,” was arrested Thursday in Nevada and faces an extradition hearing to determine whether he should be sent to face hacking and other charges. Illinois prosecutors said there was evidence on his computers about the July 10 swatting incident, in which he allegedly reported a murder to Naperville’s emergency 911 line. The SWAT team responded, but the call was a hoax.

Here’s the guy who got SWATed. I’ll let Anonymous Conservative explain why narcissists do this:

An emailer sends in an article on an anti-gun group calling for the SWATing of law abiding gun owners. Obviously, this is a case of the rabbits pitting the K-strategist wolves against each other, in blatant fashion. As in other areas of life, you can best elucidate what is occurring in the middle by closely examining the extreme areas on the margins, where everything is rendered obvious by its extremism.

No anti-gunner would dare come to my home to take my guns themselves, but they will send K-strategist armed agents of the government, if they can. The only difference between SWATing and passing a law to have police forcibly disarm the law-abiding is that these SWATing rabbits are less patient. They are all our enemy, and expecting straight dealing from such spineless cowards is utterly foolish.

The impatience of the SWATers is merely more intense amygdala angst, here driven by feelings of inferiority and impotence at the mere sight of an armed, self-sufficient American who can handle himself. So irritating is this feeling of inferiority, it will force action immediately to relive the intolerable irritation. Since personal violence is not on the table due to their cowardice, they will try the next best thing. Call some Police and try to get them to shoot at the gun-owner themselves, while the coward hides, off on the side.

Anonymous Conservative
Rabbit Liberals Pit the Wolves Against Each Other

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3 Responses to SWATing and narcissists

  1. slenkar says:

    I know someone who goes on Xbox and tells me about this stuff. It has nothing to do with whether the victim has guns or not. Its a prank done on people who have annoyed the pranker while talking on xbox live.
    Another situation is that some popular youtube gamer.is streaming their gameplay and have cameras set up in their house.
    It is pretty funny to see swat guys come into the house of a streamer and arrest him on camera, so the prankers prank the streamers too.

  2. slenkar says:

    oops I failed my reading comprehension check, the blogger was responding to people calling for swatings on gun owners :)

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