Why confidence works

Previously, how confidence works.

The smartest person I’ve ever met in person was a very WASPy Jew. Imagine Neil Patrick Harris as a Scandinavian Ashkenazim with maybe 50-100% more testosterone and a very broad forehead. Imagine this homunculus staring you down with burning eyes and a contemptuous little smile, or as John Patrick Conlon put it:

As a big melon I would describe it like literally vibrating them so hard that they ‘phase shift’ outside of their reality zone. At that point they become malleable.

Comment on How Confidence Works

This had the expected effect of completely draining my confidence. Because “confidence” isn’t really my modus operandi to begin with, it didn’t affect my behavior much, except that I became more cautious and withdrawn and rediscovered my inner INTP. Because INTP is the same thing as INTJ under more or less constant amygdala stimulation, I felt no desire to say anything I wasn’t entirely certain about. “A is A?” Sure. “Turkey is governed by a deep state?” I’ll keep that to myself for now; He already thinks I’m stupid, no reason to invite open scorn.

Cro magnon, on the other hand, is a highly social creature. They have instinctive categorical datatypes for Us, Them, and Reality, whereas thals only have datatypes for Us and Reality. A thal cannot distinguish between “humans but not my tribe” and “animals”, whereas a cro begins learning to play social signalling games in the cradle, indicating a genetic memory/affinity for basic politics. It is basically poker, except instead of “hand” strength we are dealing with real strength, estimations of strength through nonverbal cues, alliances, and so forth. Cros love stuff like Game of Thrones and Law and Order, whereas thals consider these boring (because they have no datatypes for all the important sensory input).

Because adult cro magnons are highly adept at reading social cues (from instinct and practice), they are often able to tell genuine confidence from bluffs. This is why watching high-level poker players is so boring. At that level, they know that any tell is a bad tell, so their faces are completely blank. They’re just playing a probability game, as if they were playing over the internet without any body language input.

Now, even thards are able to estimate a person’s muscle strength from a quick glance at their face:

For cros, it is the same with intelligence, confidence, character, and probably all sorts of other stuff I’ve never even imagined. I’m beginning to pick up on the estimation of intelligence thing, after several years of rather obsessive study. After I watched a video Vox posted at Alpha Game, I could have told you that Bill Whittle was operating on a much higher frequency from the other commenters even before I saw his cranium from the side (though his face is mousterian neanderthal). Cros get this sense of vibration as well, which influences their estimation of the other person’s real “strength” as much higher than their own (in the political-military realm, where knowledge is power).

I’ll call the conscious application of this vibration the “amygdala shake”. It bypasses the anterior cingulate cortex, which says “this person is violating expectations” and activates the circuit over-ride that says “this person will now set the expectations”. For a cro magnon in a social milieu, it is the same submission subroutine that would activate in an iterative small group situation with Nikolay Valuev (pictured above)- perhaps a shared jail cell. They are no longer operating according to mere classical conditioning: they begin to actively engage in simulation theory of mind toward Valuev so they can anticipate behaviors will make him happy.

See? Perfectly logical in retrospect.

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5 Responses to Why confidence works

  1. Craig says:

    That is one ugly dude, I look nothing like that by the way. 1. He’s most likely an aggressive F@#Kwit, or doubtfully roused up gentle giant, more like the former.

    It takes along time to be able to blend in.

    I have a theory on social thals now. :-)

    How we learn.

    It involves at least 3 personality types. A major and two minors.

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