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Why confidence works

Previously, how confidence works. The smartest person I’ve ever met in person was a very WASPy Jew. Imagine Neil Patrick Harris as a Scandinavian Ashkenazim with maybe 50-100% more testosterone and a very broad forehead. Imagine this homunculus staring you … Continue reading

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No post today

Working another double shift. But hey, here’s a funny comic instead! Re: Geniuses are “vulnerable and fragile” and “need to be looked after” (Nothing else to see here, go away.)

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Mental archetypes as paradigms

“Oh great”, everybody’s thinking, “this is turning into one of those blogs.” Well, hang on a sec :-). I’m beginning to flesh out the conception of mental archetypes as being like katamari balls bouncing around in the perceptual lobes (that … Continue reading

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Frustration is the low end of depression

Analogous: associative horizon is the low end of psychoticism. But we must not conflate a personality dimension with a passing emotional phenomenon (even if the emotion can last for years). Depression (or despair, in less modern parlance) is like ennui … Continue reading

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Why prayer studies are stupid

I’ve previously defended psychology as a science on the grounds that there is a material component that can be measured as cause-and-effect, even if the immaterial component may not be measured. To sum up, it is valid to measure IQ … Continue reading

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SWATing and narcissists

Inspired by the SWATing phenomenon: Swatting has seemingly become a national phenomenon in the online gaming world, with pranksters calling police and claiming that heinous crimes are underway at a certain location. That usually prompts armed SWAT teams to arrive … Continue reading

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Economic impact of SMV lowered by obesity

Here’s the basic idea: men will work harder (speaking of averages) to support better-looking wives. Similarly, he’ll want to have more kids with her (just ask his sperm), and work harder to support them. The sub-elite classes are filled with … Continue reading

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AC Plug (free books!)

Not writing anything today, but anyone reading this is probably interested in free Castalia House books tomorrow and Tuesday, particularly Anonymous Conservative’s pricier ones (although CH has dropped the price considerably). OP: For those interested, The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics, … Continue reading

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Modular edenic theory of extreme melon IQ

There are two sorts of extreme IQs I’d like to talk about: melon and thal. There may be others, but I don’t have a theory to explain those yet. I’m going to start with melons because it’s a quicker explanation. … Continue reading

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Kratman vs. Lind

Edit: Kratman weighed in and busted some major delusions in a comment below. I left a reply and apology down there, which you can read if you’re some sorta creepy voyeur for feelz. Aside from this preface, the post has … Continue reading

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