Categorical language 2: The languaging


I didn’t think to make this explicit, but the basic reason for the thal disconnect between emotions/thinking is not because they don’t have emotions. They do have emotions, and often very strong ones, and are driven by these in pretty much the same way as any other animal. The difference is that thals are designed to use abstract conclusions as a sort of heuristic shorthand drawn from their inner visual models, which are derived statistically and holistically. Because thals who use blanket, categorical terms in this way have error-checking built in through the pre-existing, holistic understanding of the topic, there is no danger of catastrophic system failure.

So it’s more of an information flow problem. Sapiens have the instinctive “gut check” in place to avoid catastrophic failures due to abstraction, which makes sense when your abstractions are oriented to the social/cultural reality, and R-selection resists further complexity. Because thals are oriented to physical reality, science, technology, and other fields relying heavily on visual IQ, their frontal lobes (and communication style, verbal intelligence, etc.) are designed to be attached on to the front of a big visual intelligence unit. The visual intelligence machine is supposed to have an error accumulation counter built in already, so that we are able to feel when our statistical models aren’t strong enough to support our logic chains.

But higher visual IQ than verbal IQ is the ADD cognitive style, which is developed through regular amygdala stimulation and acetylcholine-driven retrospection, e.g. getting in a fight and then reflecting on it later. The modern environment highly prefers classical conditioning and artificially inflated dopamine saturation, which develops verbal IQ. That means any thal kid with a fairly benevolent childhood is likely to experience a catastrophic system failure in early adulthood due to mistaken abstractions, i.e. mistaken beliefs about how the world is supposed to work.


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One Response to Categorical language 2: The languaging

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    “a catastrophic system failure in early adulthood due to mistaken abstractions, i.e. mistaken beliefs about how the world is supposed to work.”
    Got me. Holding people to a standard they have no intention of meeting. Doomed to disappointment. Thing is, I actively avoided learning the truth, sort of.
    Ex: I’ve carried Berne around with me since the early 70’s (HS), but never read it. Would only have taken a day.
    I’m not sure it would have changed anything, except my comfort levels, maybe.

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