Inspired by an Anonymous Conservative post, which linked to this study:

John Bailey, a graduate student at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and Brenna Harvey, a grad student at the University of Connecticut, are showing a group – an even mix of men and women, mostly in their 30s, mostly graduate students studying gender – the fruits of their research into bronies: men who like My Little Pony. They have been studying a particularly extreme subset of bronies, they explain. Men who fetishise the ponies. The pair bring up a screengrab. One brony has posted a picture of a My Little Pony wearing sunglasses and drinking lemonade by a pool. In the comments beneath, the poster has made the fatal mistake, at least within this community, of admitting that he lost his “wizard eligibility 26 years ago” – has had sex with a person – and that he does not “clop” – that is, masturbate – to the images. Another brony had responded immediately: “Go be normal somewhere else, faggot.”

Adam Gabbatt
What a masculinity conference taught me about the state of men

AC has a hammer, and sees a nail:

This an interesting phenomenon, which can be seen elsewhere in the SJW movement. First there is a demand for “tolerance,” driven by a mild amygdala discomfort which the aberrant feel at being ostracized by others. Once tolerance is achieved, the aberrant set up a clique. Once there is a clique, they insulate themselves from criticism, reimagine their aberrance as normal to shield their amygdala from irritation, and their amygdala adapts to this ease – this new, lower level of ostracization-based stress produced by their false reality of normalcy. This is very much like an addict who begins by using drugs to feel good, grows addicted to the feel-good, and soon begins to freak out in withdrawal if the feel-good cannot be maintained at a super-high level forever.

Anonymous Conservative
On Bronies and Masculinity

Et cetera et cetera. Go read it if you want, I won’t be referencing it.

A couple of alternative possibilities.

While I’m entirely certain the fetishism is real (there is no plausible alternative explanation for what’s on Deviant Art), I’m not certain this comment was serious. Using the word “faggot” to describe normal sexual behavior probably signals ironic humor. This sort of harsh humor is common in brony culture, according to Doompony. For instance, it’s not unusual for Doompony to call me a “faggot” even though he’s homosexual and I’m straight.

On the other hand, here’s an observation from years of miss-spending my time on the internet: it’s fairly common for fetishists to be literally disgusted by normal sexual imagery in the same way that psychosexually normal people are disgusted by surprising elements of fetishism in normal porn. I think SMBC actually did a video short about this a while back, where a guy finds a website of “just porn with no weird stuff” and tells all his friends, like a perverted prophet. But eventually, he logs in to the site and it’s all tranny stuff.

Anyway, normal people who watch porn get upset when the girl turns out to have a penis, because they think “This isn’t what I signed up for. You can have your weird porn but stop trying to get in my head and go somewhere else.” Similarly, when an XTube channel that caters to furries has the chick start stripping off her bear costume, the furry fetishists get upset for the same reason. “This isn’t what I signed up for. You can have your normal porn, but stop trying to push it on me and go somewhere else.”

A “fetish” is categorically different from a “kink”, in that a fetishist is unable to become aroused in the absence of the fetish, whereas a kinky person can be aroused normally but becomes more aroused when the kink is involved. I believe fetishism is due to a combination of kink and neuroticism: for some reason, the normal sexual pathway is deemed “not okay” by the brain, and the sex drive finds its outlet in the alternative pathway that would have been just a kink for normal people. Eventually, the kink pathway is reinforced to the point of exclusivity and the normal pathway is overwritten by something else.

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5 Responses to Fetishism

  1. Craig says:

    In group and out group. We all get that.

    Kink humhohum I can get that, fetish OMG… LOL

    I remember on operation, someone left a mag in the laundry room, they would leave it open, cover up the bottom half. How many picked it up and took it back to there room was hilarious.

    Of course I looked first rather then find out the unpleasant surprise back in a donga.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Kink humhohum I can get that, fetish OMG… LOL

      I get that, but the only difference is that plan A became “bad” at a critical point of development (probably due to neuroticism), so that plan B was strengthened beyond what normal people consider reasonable. At least, that’s my theory.

      • Craig says:

        That makes sense. Perhaps the internet with it’s networking power gave this fetishism enough momentum to go sub culture. Like a magnetic snow ball, of victim gamma’s making community…

        I wonder if the weird turkey jerk with toy animals and then the cartoon set it off some how…

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          >That makes sense. Perhaps the internet with it’s networking power gave this fetishism enough momentum to go sub culture. Like a magnetic snow ball, of victim gamma’s making community…

          That seems likely, except fetishism is very much an Omega trait. Such a person is no longer in the Game.

          >I wonder if the weird turkey jerk with toy animals and then the cartoon set it off some how…

          More probably the show came first, during an important period of development, and when the proper pathways were supposed to be written. One first loves the show’s characters, and the erotic instinct follows.

          It’s also important to remember that fetishists start going weird at a pretty young age. You can often observe a tranny at 10 yo. Given a proper sexual development in puberty, I think this would become a kink rather than a fetish.

  2. Heaviside says:

    I don’t see why people get so upset about stuff like this. Child pornography was legal in Japan until a year ago, I think. Puritanical Westerners just like to fly around bombing everyone who doesn’t agree with teaching women how to read and write or stopping kids from selling used underwear for profit, imposing their dumb, narrow-minded standards on everybody.

    Bronies should just play the victim card:

    The coolest thing about this game is Axel Stoll’s cameo(what other game has Axel fucking Stoll in it?), and also the mention of skalar-haubitzen. How nice scalar waves just came up on VP recently.

    I saw what I think was a screenshot of the sequel on ernstchan. I really can’t wait for that.

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