HTML mistake

I didn’t realize this, but using “greater than” and “less than” signs in the SSMV post deleted some lines from the symbolic representations of conflict. That has been fixed, so hopefully those make more sense now. Here’s the important one, which serves as the key for understanding the others:

B ~ G, a Beta and a Gamma come into peaceful contact.
B ~< G, the Gamma initiates conflict.
B >< G, the Beta stands ground and returns fire.
B >> G, the Gamma turns and flees.
B ~> G, the Beta ceases hostilities and extends an offer of peace.
B ~ G, the Gamma accepts and mutual hostility has temporarily ceased.

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  1. Heaviside says:

    There was a commenter at VP who said that Radek was a “rabbit,” because he confessed at the Moscow Trials(Darkness at Noon is a great novel focusing on the mindset of those who confessed). These people just don’t get communism, and are probably constitutionally incapable of understanding it, or really anything which is foreign to postwar America. They reduce everything to subjective characteristics (i.e. attitude/SSMV) when that’s the exact opposite of what a (real) Marxist would do.

    Modern american liberal: “Some subjectivity outside myself is oppressing me and making me feel bad! I’ve been reduced to a helpless victimized object(one’s identity politics identity, or in the case of women, the object viewed by the “male gaze”)”

    Modern american conservative: “All subjectivity exists inside yourself! Everything that matters is within your power to change, and everything that you can’t change doesn’t matter! Hop on the endless treadmill of self-improvement, bro.”

    (Conservatives cannot understand politics because they don’t understand the struggle for subjectivity and recognition in the master-slave dialectic. Conservatism is political solipsism.)

    Real, self-aware Marxist-Leninist: “Everything is objective and follows objective laws of development. Capitalists are not subjects, even though we say they are to arouse emotional sentiments(among liberals and proles), they follow deterministic laws like everyone else. Everyone and everything, that is, except the vanguard party.”

    (This concentration of subjectivity in one conspiratorial group is just Asiatic/Oriental despotism — “One is free.”)

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