Psychoticism means seeing a little more than what is actually there

If you ask me, this is a great summary. Guess I’m feeling pithy today. Probably a change for the better.

This is the tincture of madness Aristotle was talking about. You just want a little bit of it for a healthy brain. Too much and every shadow starts taking on a personality of its own.

A little psychoticism means you’re perceiving everything coming in on your input channels, plus a bit extra. If you aren’t reading a little noise on the visual processing cortices and various other meat antennae, they probably aren’t picking up much of anything at all. Might as well be sleepwalking.

The psychoticism distribution in the human population has an extreme positive skew: 90% of humanity is perceiving about 10% of what their senses are picking up, and the other 10% are somewhere between 10% and 500%. 1% are picking up about 110%, which is just about perfect. Another 1% sees fantastically colored creatures we could never imagine, walking among us, and they wonder why we don’t seem to notice.

Do you see a butterfly, or is it just tomato soup?

Too much is too much though. If the butterfly is introducing itself as Professor Bubbles, it’s time to get on some meds.

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3 Responses to Psychoticism means seeing a little more than what is actually there

  1. slenkar says:

    i walk quuickly across the rom and dont bump into the govlinbs. They get out of my way pretty quuickly. Sometu==mes my belongings go missing forever so i think they sgteal things sometimues/.

    They never give me anything so they must be a negativ force

  2. slenkar says:

    if they levae valuebles in my room i wont make a big deal out if iut

  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    Slenkar, that was an amazing illustration of the concept. Absolutely fantastic.

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