On self-preservation

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I find the fact they are practicing undercover and infiltration tactics interesting. Those in the know will recognize that if there is a civil war, it will not involve uniformed police, uniformed military units, or recognizable forces of any kind. Government tactical forces will don civvies, and the tip of the spear, gathering the intel, will be the fat Lena Dunham types, minivan-driving young moms with little kids, skinny jean wearing tween-wannabes, and decrepit geriatrics who populate the little studied (too little studied, IMHO) Homeland Security Surveillance Division (uniting FBI, DEA, ICE, various State PD surveillance units, and the private surveillance investigators hired through local PI firms that many such agencies keep on the roster). Between their unimposing/pathetic/disgusting/helpless/etc. appearances, their often having lucrative side jobs that appear as if main jobs, and their buying or renting the actual houses they live in at the direction of their leadership (to facilitate whatever ops need undetected eyes next door), they are the real threat if a coming collapse goes hot. That this appears to be visualizing Special Operations tactical forces operating openly in that type of scenario, rather than using cover of night and fast insertion is interesting.

I doubt this type of operation will actually happen when the collapse goes down, though I admit military collapse planning is not actually my wheelhouse. I just feel as if once the bank holiday happens and the value of the electronic dollar begins to collapse, the vibrants will find that their EBT cards aren’t worth anything at the stores. At that point, to avoid starving they will begin to hijack food delivery trucks in the cities, then food deliveries to cities will stop, the cities will rapidly become real-life zombie apocalypses filled with unimaginably desperate and starving people, and the military will have it’s hands full trying to keep the rabbits from enduring a whole-scale slaughter at the hands of the most criminal around. Once that happens, people stop showing up to work, infrastructure will begin to suffer, replacement parts will become harder to come by, and then the real fun begins. Let healthcare diminish, disease begin to rise, and medicines become rare and expensive as money becomes worthless, and it could get real harsh real fast.

The idea that as that is occurring, the military will spread out into freedom-loving areas which are relatively strife-free by their self-sufficient natures, seems silly. However I could see a rabbit now, in times of peace, fearing the freedom-loving among us more than the savagery in the cities and deciding to focus planning on that threat, more than any other.

Anonymous Conservative
Operation Jade Helm – Apocalypse Cometh

Respectfully disagree. The Gulag Archipelago puts precedent in favor of my position. The peasant riots in Russia and China did not slow down the rate of arrests. I expect that because America has been a more successful propagandist-socialist state (via assortive technocracy), it will also conduct its purges with greater effectiveness.

White Americans as a race are a lot more conscientious than Russians, the neurolinguistic programming/propaganda is now incredibly advanced, and the material preparations have been coming along for quite some time. The camps are in place, the psychiatrists have sold their profession to Satan, and the Matrix is more robust than ever.

I said this in a previous comment: How many people can be employed spying on the activities of a single productive person? The answer is that it doesn’t matter, because economy was never the point. The organs of the state always earn their pay, and the organs of the state never make mistakes.

It’s not so much the “death drive”, I think. Normal people don’t have a subconscious death drive. They simply have no concept of self-preservation. This is confusing, because they do feel a great deal of fear in the face of immediate danger. But they have no innate idea that it’s their job not to step in the road and get run over by a car. They feel it’s everybody else’s job, even though they don’t feel this obligation to anyone else. That’s resource abundance mentality for ya.

When they have close misses, they tend to be offended and angered: “Hey, can’t you see I’m walking in the street here? How dare you nearly run me over?” Really close misses trigger an existential shock, “I nearly died, that’s not supposed to happen! Where were all the other people in the world, who were supposed to keep that from happening?”

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4 Responses to On self-preservation

  1. Heaviside says:

    All of this collapse doomporn is just a surrogate activity that covers up the real fear — what will people do when they can no longer think in terms of Liberalism? The real collapse will not be material — economic failure or violent conflict. Those are possible secondary effects, but the fundamental shifts will be in the realm of ideas. What will give way will be all of the familiar ideas which allow us to even put the possibility of material collapse into perspective, and this will be the opening up of an unprecedented amount of freedom, which will be absolutely terrifying to most people. It will open up the space for a grand new intellectual adventure.

    • Craig says:

      I agree that will be the beginning. The most blindly prog Liberals get so depressed when they let the real world in. It’s funny watching there brains run away and escape back to fantasy land. It’s like watching a religious person in prayer, except the propaganda of embraced diversity is repeatedly stated under their breath.

      Many of these people will just kill themselves before the pointy end of the stick is even seen.

      • Heaviside says:

        Right wingers really have to put all of this talk about “reality” and “the real world” behind them. Yes, conservatives are the defenders of reality, the reality that liberals create. Instead of trying to sell reality to those who want none of it, they should join the “reality based community”. Liberals were successful in creating reality for so long because liberalism was a grand intellectual adventure, but that era is rapidly coming to a close. The future will not belong to those who defend “reality” but to those who offer a new vision of the world and a new story to tell. I, personally, have always despised mundane “reality” with every fiber of my being and sought to undermine it at its roots. As revolutionaries, we show our purity in our utter contempt for “facts”(facio, the doings of other people) and the ordinary, everyday conception of the world, which is just nihilism on quaaludes. I would round up all the “facts” in the world and hold them under a cloud of Zyklon B if I could.

        “The point is to change it!”

      • Craig says:

        To manipulate reality you have to understand the forces pushing it along, it’s being on the ‘right side’ not right/left wing. You use both sides simultaneously to manipulate the outcome you desire.

        That’s how I craft it anyway.

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