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Sensory link between Parkinson’s and autism

While most of my ideas tend to the crazy end of speculative, it looks like the gray matter/white matter distinction is going to become an important one. Yesterday, I was working with a woman with Parkinson’s who still has her … Continue reading

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How to order a habit chain

It’s frightfully simple. 1. List the tasks in the chain. 2. Note the feeling/environment most conducive to beginning each task. 3. Note the feeling/environment which tends to follow each task. 4. Optimize order for least possible friction between tasks. Example: … Continue reading

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OS 2.0

This post is meant to concisely explain my current theory of time organization, and explain how to do it. Overview! I’m trying to maximize some arbitrarily chosen variable, in this case creative output during free time, under the typical constraints … Continue reading

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You poor, damned fool

I ought to take back what I said. He’s smarter than me, but what a fucking idiot. The Globe and Mail reports that Edward Snowden’s Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, says the fugitive former U.S. spy agency contractor is working with … Continue reading

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HTML mistake

I didn’t realize this, but using “greater than” and “less than” signs in the SSMV post deleted some lines from the symbolic representations of conflict. That has been fixed, so hopefully those make more sense now. Here’s the important one, … Continue reading

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Back to business tomorrow

Sorry about the delay. I went into neurotic perfectionist reductionism mode there for a little bit.

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Inspired by an Anonymous Conservative post, which linked to this study: John Bailey, a graduate student at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and Brenna Harvey, a grad student at the University of Connecticut, are showing a group – an even … Continue reading

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The piggyback ratio

Another easy idea that took forever! More Engzig tie-in stuff. Okay, so people have different competencies in different things. Hence, Ricardo’s law of comparative advantage: In a famous example, Ricardo considers a world economy consisting of two countries, Portugal and … Continue reading

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Class consciousness

…actually turns out to be a pretty simple idea. It’s an socioeconomic phenomenon. So, you’re a tenant in an apartment complex. Landlord shows up one day and says the rent’s doubled. You say WTF, is everybody’s rent going up? Nope, … Continue reading

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Video game review philosophy in brief

Riffing on a couple of comments yonder. Video games are distinguished from other art and entertainment media by the real-time loop between control and feedback, or user input and game output. Control and feedback produce a sense impression that is … Continue reading

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