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Amygdala stimulation through cold affecting narcissists’ driveprints

Minnesota had an unusually temperate winter this year, because the jet stream was parked in Canada all winter: This meant that we were getting a lot of warm air from Arizona and all of the cold air in Canada was … Continue reading

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Stress events and risk factors leading to mapper cognitive style

This is a quick listing of common causes for this particular personality shift, which is best described as an unusual and rapid increase in trait psychoticism as defined by Eysenck (both the good and bad parts) over the course of … Continue reading

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General intelligence vs. genetic memory/ideas

So here’s an interesting thought. Let’s pretend that gene tampering is possible, either through cultural norms and nurture or very precise epigenetic engineering and editing, and let’s also observe that most parts of the brain develop according to very particular … Continue reading

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Sensory link between Parkinson’s and autism

While most of my ideas tend to the crazy end of speculative, it looks like the gray matter/white matter distinction is going to become an important one. Yesterday, I was working with a woman with Parkinson’s who still has her … Continue reading

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How to order a habit chain

It’s frightfully simple. 1. List the tasks in the chain. 2. Note the feeling/environment most conducive to beginning each task. 3. Note the feeling/environment which tends to follow each task. 4. Optimize order for least possible friction between tasks. Example: … Continue reading

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OS 2.0

This post is meant to concisely explain my current theory of time organization, and explain how to do it. Overview! I’m trying to maximize some arbitrarily chosen variable, in this case creative output during free time, under the typical constraints … Continue reading

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You poor, damned fool

I ought to take back what I said. He’s smarter than me, but what a fucking idiot. The Globe and Mail reports that Edward Snowden’s Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, says the fugitive former U.S. spy agency contractor is working with … Continue reading

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