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Categorical language 2: The languaging

Previous. I didn’t think to make this explicit, but the basic reason for the thal disconnect between emotions/thinking is not because they don’t have emotions. They do have emotions, and often very strong ones, and are driven by these in … Continue reading

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More on driveprint?

(Glenn, I know I owe you a PM. Soonish I hope.) Previous. Should add that, for some reason, Jews go either extremely liberal or extremely conservative. So some of them are aggressively passive-aggressive on the road, and some are aggressively … Continue reading

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Categorical language

I noticed recently that thals use categorical language differently than ordinary, sane people. A normal person might say something like “everyone should graduate from high school” and understand implicitly that teenagers in comas aren’t counted among “everyone”. A thal might … Continue reading

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Domains of superiority (SSMV dynamics addendum)

Previous. I mentioned before that it’s possible for a man with a pattern of winning (socially) to be beaten by a relative loser. It’s also possible for him to lose repeatedly, because there are times and places where he’s on … Continue reading

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The missing link between utilitarianism and anti-natalism

You may recall that I’m trying to blow up materialism by reductio ad absurdum. The argument against utilitarianism is here. You may note that utilitarianism is not the only moral code permissible under materialism, but it is the morality most … Continue reading

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Exponential creativity

Heaviside once commented to the effect that you can’t have a scientific revolution in the absence of great art. I didn’t understand this until yesterday, when I was rereading the Reciprocality Project essay on the Ghost Not: We shall begin … Continue reading

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Genius is uniform in cause, though varied in expression and environment

The two most significant transitions in the history of mankind were the invention of agriculture – which happened before history, independently in several times and places and spread rather gradually; and the industrial revolution – which was lavishly documented, happened … Continue reading

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University education as an unemployment heat sink

I should have realized this long ago, but Fred beat me to the punch. A search continues, long quietly underway but now intensified, for ways to keep off the work force people for whom there is no work, or no … Continue reading

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SSMV dynamics and mechanics

Eureka! This post inspired an insight into the dynamics of the social axis (A, B, D, G; excludes L, S, O). Male social reputations are characterized by conflict. Social archetypes may be predicted according to two personality factors: social aggressiveness … Continue reading

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Eidetic memory is categorically distinct from “very good” memory

Good memory means you can recall details you’d previously noted or processed. Eidetic memory means you can go back to the original sense data and note things you hadn’t noticed at the time. For illustration, make up a pirate in … Continue reading

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