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(Responses to comments)

I try to respond to all comments because Golden Rule, and everybody likes attention, but sometimes I fall weeks behind because I’m disorganized and not very smart. If I’ve missed anything it’s not because I don’t like you, it’s because … Continue reading

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Amygdala, acetylcholine, gray matter

(Recent post Deadlift every day has an important edit. More like deadlift every once in a while, but do big lifts- squats are great- most days of the week, for the chemical reasons given. Will just have to exercise the … Continue reading

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Blood sugar, dopamine, white matter

I’ve made some conceptual progress in understanding the relationship between these. Ever notice how your brain starts to jump all over the place when your blood sugar is high? Particularly, you start to think in word salad and random fragments … Continue reading

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Deadlift every day

Edit: My lesbo tribe momma says this is retarded, and I should lay off the deadlifts and mix in more squats. Bro, no. Your erectors can’t recover that fast from deadlifts, if you are doing ones heavy enough to not … Continue reading

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The stranger a sexual fetish is, the more likely it will occur in a cluster of fetishes

For example, a preoccupation with breasts is neither uncommon, nor so far removed from the various logical mechanisms behind reproduction and sexual psychology that we raise our eyebrows when a man prefers unreasonably large breasts. We wouldn’t even describe this … Continue reading

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An obvious and plausible reason for higher SMV in white women

Whiter skin correlates with neanderthal admixture and cold climate adaptation, which correlates with robust immune systems. Therefore, all else being equal a man who sires offspring with a light-skinned woman is going to pass his genes on in children who … Continue reading

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How should a genius behave toward society?

Because one of the necessary personality traits of genius, associative horizon, has the tendency to produce behavioral psychoticism, we observe that geniuses do not usually get along well with the societiess they inhabit. One reason is that their psychoticism makes … Continue reading

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Good stuff for things

Covers my main, non-work activities. For math/physics/philosophy (which require long periods of relaxed focus, high general IQ): you want a cold ambient environment, low biological energy (as in tired but not sleepy), lots of caffeine, low blood sugar (reduces associative … Continue reading

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Finns have grit

This occurred to me as the natural intersection of a couple of ideas: Finns (and Singaporeans) constantly have the best PISA scores across the board (and other academic accomplishment scores). They are also stubborn motherfuckers- just ask the Russians. Spirit … Continue reading

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On Hart’s 100

That is, Michael Hart’s ranking of the 100 most influential people of all time. Posted here for reasons of hate. Verdict: complete bullshit. This is coffee table retardation only a SWPL could love. Ed: The hmolpedia guys “exorcised” the “religio-mythology … Continue reading

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