Anti-neanderthal racism

Previously I mentioned Steve Sailer’s take on a particular sort of white basketball player.

“I didn’t want to be the racist guy who calls out the white thing. But that’s exactly one of the main reasons I hate him. He’s that rural white guy who thinks he’s hard-nosed, the my-dad-taught-me-how-to-play-defense, I-can’t-score-the-basketball-if-you-paid-me guy. And everyone hates those guys. They’re just … just annoying.”

By “those guys,” Lipnik doesn’t mean every white player. They are not white international guards like Steve Nash, or mean white big men like Christian Laettner, no matter how despised they might be for different reasons. They are not pure scorers like Jimmer Fredette or wings with a sweet stroke like J.J. Redick. He means strictly this guy: the short (by basketball standards), overachieving American white kid who doesn’t pass the eye test, struggles to average double figures yet somehow thrives in the college game.

It’s a club reserved for the likes of former Dukies such as Bobby Hurley (1989-1993), Steve Wojciechowski (1994-98) and Greg Paulus (2005-09), Purdue’s Chris Kramer (2006-10) and Indiana’s Dane Fife (1998-2002). Duke, with its rep as a bookish program with pesky tendencies, has more members in the club than anyone else. …

Wayne Drehs
A theory about Aaron Craft
H/T Steve Sailer

He followed this up with an exposition of the most hated basketball players, sorted by race. Here are some choice quotes showing the anti-neanderthal bias:

16. Quin Snyder — white

From Complex:

That hair. That stupid $^%&*@# hair. It just screams, :”I GO TO DUKE! I’M BETTER THAN YOU!” We’re glad this guy and his hair have been banished to Russia to pursue a career in coaching.

From Wikipedia:

He graduated from Duke in 1989 with a double major in philosophy and political science, and, later received a JD from Duke Law School in 1995 and an MBA from the Duke Fuqua School of Business in 1995.[7]

Like blond hair, wavy hair like this is a vestige neanderthal trait. Women often style their hair this way to look more appealing to men, whereas they wear their hair straight or in a bun to look smart and serious:

Can’t say bad things about black people though, unless they’re smart or Republican, in which case they’re Uncle Toms or something.

13. Jason Williams — black

Don’t get it twisted: Jason Williams—or Jay Williams as he’s known now—was good. Real good. In fact, you could make the argument that he was one of the best players to ever suit up for Coach K. But, he was so good that it made a lot of people hate him.

Like, how in the world did Duke manage to land that guy? Don’t they only recruit goofy-looking white guys who shoot 500 threes a game and slap the floor when they play defense?!

“We hate him because he’s so great and awesome, which is why we’re talking about how much we hate the untouchables. Just kidding, we don’t really hate you Jason, please don’t hurt us!”

1. Christian Laettner — white

Being the nicest-looking guy on the planet is a great way to draw a lot of hate from cowards who would otherwise repress their worse instincts. But like Tebow, the first Google autocomplete is “Christian Laettner wife”.

(Looks like Tebow’s autocomplete actually got pulled by somebody at Google. Keep on keeping on, you SJWs.)

Here’s one from YouTube:

These are the whitest kids on planet Earth.

But they are damn good guitar players. I just don’t want to look at them.

edit: If you honestly think I meant this in a racist way, then you’re missing the point. I mean, they look like every group of suburban, middle-class teenagers ever.

Lord Xenu
Comment on Polyphia – Bach Concerto No. 1 in D Minor – Live

He didn’t feel the need to hedge his racism until somebody called him on it. This hedging will become unnecessary as racism grows in social acceptability.


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