Chronic Niceguy Syndrome indicates an unsophisticated amygdala

(Turns out I was correct about why I felt trashy. Reading this Charlton post reminded me that it’s been months since I did a proper RAM dump, so I did one this morning and realized I am really, really close to a Grand Unified Theory of psychology. No wonder I felt awful. This post is just the lowest-hanging fruit of the bunch, and there are more to come.)

Recall that Chronic Niceguy Syndrome (CNS) looks like this and this. These are guys Al Sharpton wouldn’t mind following him down the street at night.

So why do we have this instinctual reaction, in spite of the fact that many of them have very good testosterone and they are all probably stronger than they look (Christian Laettner particularly)? In fact, the righteous wrath of such a person is terrible to behold.

It’s because we recognize they are 1) benevolent and 2) emotionally unsophisticated.

1) Benevolence. In psycho-speak we might call this “prosocial” instead, referring to the default CNS behavior toward their fellow man. A chronic niceguy is predisposed to friendliness and altruism (bordering on pathological), particularly toward people they’ve just met. Such a person only has two mental categories: us (tribe to be supported) and reality (to be overcome through observation and hard work). They are inclined to believe that everyone else is generally good (in-group), except for maybe 1% of the population who must be broken somehow, and watched carefully (material reality, out-group). My dad often used to explain to me that this is how the world is).

2) Emotional simplicity. Nice guys do not suffer from cognitive dissonance because they don’t experience conflicting emotions. Things are either “good” (amygdala quiet) or “bad” (amygdala is activated). Other people are also either good or bad, and “antiheroes” are a confusing concept for them (whereas they are catnip to repressed sadists). Because they are adapted to an altruistic, prosocial milieu, they are also incapable of deception. Every emotion they feel is immediately displayed on their faces, and they tend to assume that everyone else’s face is similarly honest, via mistaken theory of mind (projection).

Other people see this as a sort of retardation, considering nice guys to be a particular sort of idiot, which most of the time they are. This must be disambiguated from the presence of strong emotions (big amygdala, whether complicated or not) and low core shielding (as Koanic calls it), which is indicated by very large eyes. It is possible to have small eyes and weak emotional responses, and still be emotionally unsophisticated, and therefore look like the same sort of gullible idiot. This seems to be common among genuinely HFA folks like Quentin Tarantino and Ari Emanuel, and men with gentle giant syndrome, like Nikolai Valuev, Andre the Giant, and The Rock.

It must also be disambiguated from social retardation due to deep sockets, about which I theorized yonder.


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6 Responses to Chronic Niceguy Syndrome indicates an unsophisticated amygdala

  1. Anon says:

    Have you read Robert Anton Wilson? More specifically, his theories on the 8 circuits of consciousness. It’s obviously inspired by chakras. Would be cool to map those things to thalspace frontier neuropsychology.

  2. Anon says:

    “Other people see this as a sort of retardation, considering nice guys to be a particular sort of idiot, which most of the time they are.”

    Not always. It can also come off as impressive and a bit intimidating to others. I think the determining factor is that one must have some other facial feature which is perceived as dominant. Source: events at some recent parties I attended.

  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    Hmm, I wonder. I’ve come up with a couple of attitudes that led to stable employment.

    The first was to leech on to a melon, but that resolved quickly to an unacceptable baseline of abuse. Melons, or bigeyes at least, seem unable to adapt their social strategies.

    The second was to be altruistic within a negro community (my job right now). This had a predictable resolution, which is kinda unfortunate. We get along very well and they’re all sad to see me go, but their community is far too accepting of laziness and parasites (which makes sense, else they would kick out 95% of their males). And when extra work comes up they all say “pass” because they are all, individually, looking out for #1. It’s the only survival strategy that works in Africa.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Maybe. Simple genetic indicators get copied into low thal-admixture races more easily, but they don’t seem to survive for very long. You’d think by now everyone would have blue and green eyes because those are highly selected (particularly in females), but that’s not what we’ve seen. It’s still eye-catching in many races because it’s rare:

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