Little NE Asian boys have giant heads

This is kind of a weird observation, but it ties in with some of my previous observations:

-Visuospatial IQ scales with volume of gray matter, and therefore head size. This is actually a fact, and not just a weirdo on the internet spouting off about neanderthals or whatever the fuck.
-Higher average “tiger parenting” in NE Asia is the low end of “forced prodigy” parenting.
-Forcing prodigiousness on a naturally talented kid produces extreme IQ and neurotic conscientiousness (sustained hyperfocus), but destroys the potential for real creativity and therefore also genius.
–Often, this neuroticism backfires in young adulthood (early 20s) and produces a psychotic personality, but still without much creativity, and often resulting in early death.
-Asian-style meritocracies actually reward the forced prodigy mental configuration, at least partly because their culture is very static and uninterested in “progress” except for sheer survival value.
-Particularly, Asians fetishize prodigies even more than whites do because it signifies higher relative status at the time they are being stratified. Even if the child prodigy ends up being an unremarkable adult, they can coast on the high social standing of being teh youngest high school graduate EVAR (or whatever).

Because this has been going on for a long time, I think it’s plausible that NE Asians have accidentally selected for a lot of their neanderthal-derived traits through R-selection. That is, they put a lot of social pressure on their kids to be little geniuses (processed via shallow sockets: anterior cingulate cortex development), and this happens to work better for thard branez due to the sustained hyperfocus effect. That these thal branez are appearing at younger and younger ages is not unexpected, given that the social stratification occurs in childhood, and it is extremely difficult to change one’s status in adulthood.

The unfortunate side effect is that it basically retards all creativity, hence probably the extreme underachievement of Chinese geniuses (there being, approximately, 13 million Chinese people with IQs north of 135- in fairly close proximity too).

I hope somebody, someday looks into all this nonsense seriously. It is really a shame that social scientists, the students of our second-most important subject (after religion and theology), are so inclined to be disingenuous.


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9 Responses to Little NE Asian boys have giant heads

  1. slenkar says:

    Lack of wheat could account for lack of creativity

    • Ge Zhai says:

      Nah…nothern Chinese eat enough wheat.

      • slenkar says:

        Do you think it’s because the mothers are always pushing them into politics,medicine or other high status careers?
        Newton and Lavoisier came from rich families, but were not pushed into anything.

    • Ge Zhai says:

      > Do you think it’s because the mothers are always pushing them into politics,medicine or other high status careers?

      Perhaps, but didn’t Ashkenazi Jewish mothers do the same in the past? Yet we still hear more about Jewish accomplishment from a population 1 / 150th as small as the total population of East Asia.

      A lot of theories out there. Rice farming creating ant/over socialized people lacking neurosis. Chinese characters stunting advanced/abstract thought. Hammering the nail that sticks out culture. Blah blah blah.

      Any other ideas?

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >Chinese characters stunting advanced/abstract thought.

        Really? I’m inclined to believe the opposite. Maybe that’s because I’m starting from an alphabetical language, looking in from the outside.

  2. Heaviside says:

    Chinese people are just natural slaves. They’re an agricultural slave race that exist to serve whatever tribe of nomadic Aryan conquerors control them at the moment, similar to the Russians and Poles in many ways. That there should answer all of your questions. China belongs to us just as much as Russia belongs to Germany.

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