Roundup of my weirdo psychology theories

These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

1. There are too many people on the right tail of the IQ bell curve, particularly around the 175 mark.
1a. William Sidis’ measured IQ (250-300 in middle age, by a trained psychologist) suggests this is because high-range IQ is not well-approximated as the tail of a bell curve. (Further evidence, though less concise, proves it beyond doubt.)

2. Measured general intelligence, up to IQs of roughly 130, is due almost entirely to the brain’s facility in creating new white matter.

3. Above 130, general intelligence is due almost entirely to the brain’s facility in creating new gray matter.

4. The formation of new neural tissue is primarily driven by levels of a few key neurochemicals.
4a. Dopamine encourages the formation of new axons (white matter).
4b. Acetylcholine encourages the formation of new dendrites (gray matter).

5. The release of these neurochemicals is determined by structures in the limbic system.
5a. Acetylcholine is produced in the periods following amygdala activation, and roughly in proportion to the intensity of the amygdala’s activation.

6. Personality traits are determined primarily by the relative volumes of white and gray matter in different functional regions of the brain.
6a. They are determined secondarily by temporary levels of activation in these regions, due to environmental triggers (like danger, hunger, etc.).
6b. The level of activation in a region is determined by average activation potential per synapse and total electrical energy.

7. Associative horizon is due to low average activation potential (per synapse) in white matter-dominating regions, particularly the frontal lobe, and therefore broad, spontaneous activity in these regions.

Ya know, you can have what I’ve got so far but I’m gonna write the rest up on paper first. BRB.

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2 Responses to Roundup of my weirdo psychology theories

  1. olddrunk says:

    Constant pruning of less-used connections is also important but depending on the complexity of connections a stable state may sooner or later be reached.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I remember Dr. James Thompson alluding to that once upon a time. I have trouble imagining what logical mechanism would make trimming wasteful connections so important, but we have to take it as fact for now because SCIENCE.

      Maybe it’s a path optimization thing. Actually, now that I think about it it’s silly that I’ve never considered the web of white matter like a Gantt chart before.

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