Finns have grit

This occurred to me as the natural intersection of a couple of ideas: Finns (and Singaporeans) constantly have the best PISA scores across the board (and other academic accomplishment scores). They are also stubborn motherfuckers- just ask the Russians.

Spirit Bear recently pointed out that square chins indicate stubbornness in cartoons (probably because real life).

In traditional Chinese face reading they recorded long ago that among many other things, round chins denote generosity, square chins stubbornness, a projecting chin indicates confidence and enthusiasm, and a pointed chin indicates a fiery temper and weak mind, given to social influences. Here at KoanicSoul it’s been noted that lower facial prognathism seems to indicate boldness. I’ve noticed in my own travels that receding chins are strongly correlated with anxiety disorders and a pensive mentality. There could be many reasons for this, at the least higher testosterone will encourage the growth of a larger and wider jaw, and its forward placement will allow for the easier passage of blood and oxygen into the brain.

Spirit Bear
Thread for face reading cartoon characters

“Grit” is the term that psychometricians use to describe a cluster of education-enabling traits that are difficult to measure: like conscientiousness, insensitivity to setbacks, and relentless optimism. Finns have this “grit” and the concomitant PISA scores, along with Clark Kent chins in the main.

Now, I don’t generally like Finns. Sure, there’s no single race I’d rather have on my side in a fight, but in peacetime? For clever folks, they are remarkably dull. Their respectably high IQs seem to be biased toward verbal comprehension and long-term recall of rote information, which produces a culture not unlike the modern Republican party in America. To characterize them in brief: relentless, conservative, unimaginative.

Given what I’ve said about the tails of a bell curve, I believe it’s reasonable to say that this is strong evidence in favor of square jaws indicating grit. This is just another reason not to get in a fight with a square-jawed Finn- even if you’ve got size and skill, they’re just going to keep getting back up until you’ve run out of steam.

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