The stranger a sexual fetish is, the more likely it will occur in a cluster of fetishes

For example, a preoccupation with breasts is neither uncommon, nor so far removed from the various logical mechanisms behind reproduction and sexual psychology that we raise our eyebrows when a man prefers unreasonably large breasts. We wouldn’t even describe this as a “kink” even though it could actually manifest as an honest-to-goodness “fetish” (as in inability to become aroused without it). On the other hand, foot fetishism is fairly common (probably because nerves from genitals can be remapped to the feet), but it is still very weird to people who don’t have it because it is far removed from the typical logic of reproduction. On the other other hand, there are people who are really into noses, which is fairly uncommon and also quite removed from sexual reproduction. (Although a person could make an evopsyche argument without much effort, we suspect it would be incorrect.)

If a person is really into noses, then odds are good they also have some other weird fixations, like lycra or cross-dressing.

This is a rather pedestrian observation, but I’m not really up on the literature in the field so I don’t know if it has a name. Are there any OCD encyclopedist types among the 4chan crowd?

A further observation is that fetishes are more common among certain flavors of sexual deviance, like homos and trannies. My running theory is that transgenderism is explained by the autogynephilia crowd, but it seems to run a lot deeper than the other fetishes. Once a tranny gets it in their head that they’re actually a girl or boy “on the inside” (?), then every other part of their brain seems to stop working. They literally think about nothing else except as a practical concern for continuing their lives so as to become MOAR girly (which is actually not unlike the Genius’s Journey). They don’t eat because they’re hungry, they eat because death by starvation would preclude the sex change.

Homos seem to come in a couple of different varieties. For some of them, it seems to be a fetish like autogynephilia. Others seem to treat homosex the same way as normies treat heterosex, and like the normies they treat kinks as something they merely indulge for their partners or because it makes the sex better. But they don’t base their entire identity around the kinks. Like most normies, they have a fairly even-keeled perspective on the whole business.

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