Deadlift every day

Edit: My lesbo tribe momma says this is retarded, and I should lay off the deadlifts and mix in more squats.

Bro, no. Your erectors can’t recover that fast from deadlifts, if you are doing ones heavy enough to not be totally pointless.

You should deadlift once a week and squat three times a week. Squats are much less fun than deadlifts. Sorry.

iflick (in the comments)

Original post follows the break.

Like most of the shit I come up with, this turns out to be obvious in retrospect:

I realized that rather than consciously controlling my posture, I’d be better off working out certain muscle groups (to the near exclusion of their counterparts). To wit, I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on my upper back (“shoulders back”), lower back (“pelvis forward”), butt (“legs wide and feet open”, running also helps by developing the outer quad and hip flexor), shoulders and lats (frame development, plus shoulders are my favorite and best muscle group).

I need to add a grip workout though. I bet my tiny hands and weak grip probably have some epigenetic psychological effect causing my focus on ideas at the expense of practical pursuits. (For that matter, I wonder whether butt strength makes one more anal, which is to say conscientious. Hmm…)


Well, deadlifts fit almost all of the criteria: grip, back, and butt. Plus, they are rumored to increase levels of some hormones I like (HGH and testosterone), though the bro science is not settled.

Testosterone: Speaking anecdotally, my voice tends to be much lower when I’ve been lifting the previous two days, and I’m horny more often, but I produce less sperm. Taken as a whole, I’d guess the voice thing is mostly due to muscle relaxation and goodfeelz (same result from chewing gum), whereas testosterone doesn’t change much in the short term. However, I’ve also noticed that guys who’ve been lifting consistently for a long time have more testosteronized facial features and such, which suggests increased average production in the long haul. At first blush, this appears to be true regardless of the confounding observation that high test guys are more likely to lift consistently.

Even if it reduced testosterone- if I were planning to sex up da bichez, I’d have better results simply by fixing posture and vocal range and relaxing my muscles/mental frame and thereby getting laid, and then saying “lol sorry, sucks to be you” after it becomes obvious there’s no more stuff coming out of my wiener.

HGH: I don’t know very much about this, except that for some reason people like to lie about it for fun and profit (like the related fields of nutrition and anthropology). That said, an ingenopathic pro bodybuilder would be worth his considerable weight in gold merely for honestly reporting what worked for him, including jabs and such. Offhand, it seems reasonable that HGH would be produced in response to moving very large weights, regardless of the sort of lift, and deadlifts simply happen to be one of those lifts where humans can move a lot of weight. If the environment were demanding that we move really heavy stuff here and there, it makes sense that our bodies would tell our bones and tendons to wise up, eh?

Last thought: it sucks that deadlifts are my least favorite exercise of all time. Would rather do wind sprints. But them’s the brakes, if we’re gonna get married we might as well try to love each other.

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7 Responses to Deadlift every day

  1. slenkar says:

    my first reaction was going to be ‘testosterone doesnt make you look different after you have grown up!’
    But then I remembered trannies taking estrogen look very feminine after a few months 0-:
    Just think of the average lifestyle of anyone before the year 1700. Most people would be lifting and carrying things. It’s probably something that we are sposed to do.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Yup, but notable exception: M-backs seem to believe physical labor is personally offensive, and when they’re doing work they feel like they’re being socially dominated. Even if the melon is the last man on earth, it seems he would find labor to be an affront to his (nonexistent) status.

  2. lflick says:

    Bro, no. Your erectors can’t recover that fast from deadlifts, if you are doing ones heavy enough to not be totally pointless.

    You should deadlift once a week and squat three times a week. Squats are much less fun than deadlifts. Sorry.

    Oh also you have to do this dance every time you attempt a PR.

  3. Donovan Greene says:

    If you really can’t stand deadlifts, try power cleans instead. Hits all the same parts but are also more fun because they’re fast and explosive.

    The one difference is that deadlifts are earth and power cleans are fire. Deads make me feel strong and sturdy, power cleans make me feel powerful and aggressive.

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