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Good stuff for things

Covers my main, non-work activities. For math/physics/philosophy (which require long periods of relaxed focus, high general IQ): you want a cold ambient environment, low biological energy (as in tired but not sleepy), lots of caffeine, low blood sugar (reduces associative … Continue reading

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Finns have grit

This occurred to me as the natural intersection of a couple of ideas: Finns (and Singaporeans) constantly have the best PISA scores across the board (and other academic accomplishment scores). They are also stubborn motherfuckers- just ask the Russians. Spirit … Continue reading

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On Hart’s 100

That is, Michael Hart’s ranking of the 100 most influential people of all time. Posted here for reasons of hate. Verdict: complete bullshit. This is coffee table retardation only a SWPL could love. Ed: The hmolpedia guys “exorcised” the “religio-mythology … Continue reading

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Drugs and history

Stanley mentioned over at the Neanderhall that he’d never considered the role of opium in East Asian history, and it occurred to me that this probably isn’t common wisdom. The human brain is a powerful thing. We each have a … Continue reading

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Roundup of my weirdo psychology theories

These are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. 1. There are too many people on the right tail of the IQ bell curve, particularly around the 175 mark. 1a. William Sidis’ measured IQ (250-300 … Continue reading

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Flashcard method, blood sugar, associative horizon, blah blah blah…

I’ve previously proposed that the speed at which a person can learn flashcards of nonsense symbols and images is highly dependent on associative horizon, such that we might test for associative horizon merely by controlling for IQ. The yada yada … Continue reading

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Things are about to get interesting

IQ Denialism is an extremely respectable form of anti-science conspiracy theory-mongering. Of course, if IQ were just a delusion of white male privileged racists, it would be hard to explain how test scores could be forecast from brain scans. Slowly, … Continue reading

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