Intro reading list for edenic phrenology

Wrote this in this comment thread. Might as well post it here too.

Caveats I didn’t mention in the original comment: we are talking about a fast moving target here, and not a static field of knowledge. There are contradictions, paradoxes, various dogmas preached by psychotic luminaries, weird offhand mentions of aquatic ape theory, and lots of general hoopla and nonsense.

You’ve been warned.

Talk about rabbit holes. This shit gets weird fast. Well, ask and you shall receive.

“Edenic phrenology” is, in a nutshell, any phrenology informed by both the neanderthal theory of Asperger’s syndrome (see rdos) and the “New Anthropology” of Texas Arcane, who writes the Vault-Co blog, which introduces sociopathic “melonheads” or “homo capensis” as “the third hominid”, the deprecated and dysgenic remnants of which are over-represented in humanity’s natural aristocratic ruling class. The phrenology focus (and weirdo mystic religion stuff) is Koanic‘s brainchild. About half of his original face reading post is now defunct and misleading, and developments in this basic phrenology template ever ongoing at his forum, the Neanderhall.

(Personally, I think “edenism” is a stupid name, but Koanic is the genius behind most of it so he gets to pick the name.)

If I were to assign an introductory reading list, I would probably do like so:

1. Rdos’ Neanderthal-Asperger’s theory
2. Vault-Co edenism posts, then maybe the rest of Vault-Co for good measure
3. Koanic’s original face reading page
4. Polymath’s summarized addenda to Koanic’s face reading: Glossary, Gallery, Skull Reconstructions

Classical 19th and early 20th century phrenology books can still be found in public library stacks and on Much is hogwash, some is useful. I’ve been making lists of these, but the only genuinely good one I’ve run into was Varieties of Temperament, which statistically sorts white men into somatotypical modes: ectomorphic, endomorphic, mesomorphic (using different names).

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4 Responses to Intro reading list for edenic phrenology

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    The point of the reading list is to introduce the principles and applications as quickly as possible.

  2. Mimic says:

    Why is the original face reading page defunct in Koanic Soul?

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