Fred Reed did a column on Baltimore, concluding with a list of curmudgeonly policy prescriptions that will never, ever come to pass. And then in a final paragraph, he supports the common notion that welfare must be continued, for the good of the order in our day. Well, that may be what’s going to happen but it is flagrantly poor policy advice.

This is not an ideal solution, there being no ideal solution. It is obvious that blacks, or at least the urban underclass, cannot on average support themselves in a modern technological civilization. We are not supposed to say this but, I suspect, most of us know it. Fine. Keep the welfare flowing. Regard it as equivalent to a golf handicap. (The other day I saw that some city is going to make both breakfast and lunch free in schools. This is better than letting them go hungry. It is also a step toward an undisguised custodial state.) But if the riots go on, and spread more widely as they seem likely to do, and the attacks on whites coninte, the danger is that one day whites will shoot back. The country would never recover.

Fred Reed
Ballmer: A Race War in Slow Motion

Let’s recall a post I did long ago…

Note that two-parent households are the norm even in Nigeria, which is not well-known for its eugenic practices. Under such conditions, two in three children still have fathers in the home.

It’s different in America, where 80% of Afro children grow up fatherless. This situation may be attributed entirely to white guilt and welfare programs, and you’ll note that countries with white majorities and propaganda-heavy legacies of slavery (UK, US, Brazil, South Africa) are most skewed toward the bottom.

A visual guide to African penetration

Reed’s suggestion is, effectively, to roll the snowball farther down the hill. We may have peace in our day by increasing the scope of the welfare state, but this would merely pass on a much larger problem to our descendants. Being humans, and baby boomers to boot, this is exactly what our leaders will tirelessly pursue, being not much different from their general disposition to borrow money that future generations will have to pay back. It is unconscionably normal.

Let’s imagine 50 more years of consistent danegeld, approximately doubling its effects since 1965. Back in those grand old days of RACISM, 21% of black women with children were raising them without fathers. It was considered a crisis! Today, that number is north of 80%. Consider, what was the point of the Civil Rights movement? Does anyone even remember? Ask a black teenager in Baltimore and he will say it was probably something to do with slavery. But blacks already had the franchise. They simply wanted to move to white cities and send their children to white schools without reprisal. This is because their cities and schools looked like Baltimore looks today. Yankees wanted to preen and polish their egos while driving around in cars built by a de facto caste of menial workers.

Can you imagine if I said I wanted to move a bunch of white people to Newark and start bloc voting, and receive protection to do so from the Black Panthers? (The silliness of this merely demonstrates once again that the races are different.)

Do we think, in the next 50 years, black single mothers will suddenly learn to have fewer children, despite the subsidies they receive to do so? Do we think black fathers will suddenly decide it is better to work and struggle for a pathetically small paycheck than to stay at their girlfriends’ homes all day having sex and smoking weed and living on TANF? Do we think that by tripling the number of feral “youths”, they will overcome their tribal raiding instincts in the absence of parenting, impoverishment, or police-shaped repercussions for their behavior?

The racial tension we are seeing now is between 40 million blacks and 220 million whites. Okay, fast-forward to 2065, the total population of the US is now maybe 600 million. The Hispanic population is at least 30% of that figure. Does anyone think that sounds like a goal we should be pursuing? Well, it is the course we shall invariably choose, and if we have even the slightest hope of reaching that cliff we shall careen off it with wild abandon, screaming “why does this always happen to meeeee…” KABOOM.

Forget morality, this is the argument against empire and slavery. Demographic decline is to slavery as venereal disease is to male homosexuality. People are incapable of in-mass morality to begin with- in this world moral behavior is a force of individual judgment and therefore chaos. The lower caste always eventually consumes the higher caste. Not that any human race has ever demonstrated a capability for learning from history.

May America have the future it deserves. If any of you need me, I’ll be under a rock in a cornfield somewhere in Nebraska. Third rock from the left.


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4 Responses to Short-sighted

  1. hater says:

    A whole lot of liberal hipsters need to die first, the more violent the better.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Well, yes and no, IMO. Hipsters are a funny breed, and I’ll admit I don’t have much contact with them. But in my limited experience they strike me as having very low ego strength, indicating that they’ll go whichever direction the wind is blowing. This disgusts me, but I don’t believe in death sentences for that kind of transgression, especially where COPROP would serve.

      Liberals, on the other hand, need to be proactively sought out for to set examples. Open borders propaganda is the most egregious form of treason yet devised in human history. That sort of behavior needs to be punished severely and publicly.

  2. Heaviside says:

    >This is not an ideal solution, there being no ideal solution.

    It begins with a “G” and ends with an “AS”.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I grant that gas chambers would be better than pushing the snowball downhill. But I think Mr. Reed does not mean the same thing as you when he says “ideal”.

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