Psychology of aspieface vs. edenic

This is going to be even more speculative than usual. Vocab is here.

The proper aspieface type seems to be a melonhead who has probably suffered a particular sort of brain damage in early development, such that they develop along a different pathway which lacks certain social modules in the brain. This damage results in a very childish and oblivious person with no concomitant deficiency in general intelligence. It’s not that they have very little development in these functions, but rather none at all. In fact, they seem to trade social perception-focused M-back general intelligence for a focus on extremely abstract subjects. Stallman is the prototype for the high-IQ aspieface melon variant, slenkar seems to be a medium-IQ version.

This type seems to receive no nonverbal social inputs at all, and suffers no social anxiety. The idea of sadism does not occur to them. This is not to suggest they are free from anxiety or humor, because these things are expressed in abstract ways.

The edenic deepsock, living ghost type of aspie has some development in social perception, but very little in comparison with ordinary homo sapiens. They are a throwback to a time before big social groups required a high average social finesse. They seem to occur for the same reason as when you use that Windows utility that lets you reset to a previous configuration- something is broken, and as a last-ditch plan a stable legacy system is written over the modern system. Now, this ends up being pretty complicated because it depends on which previous configurations are available in the hard drive, but the general tendency points to infants subjected to stressors having deeper sockets when they grow up, on the average.

They can lie and are capable of cruelty, but quickly learn to avoid these behaviors because they never get away with them and are consistently punished. They can learn “us, them, nature” distinctions with great effort, but never with much proficiency. This is probably due to a developmental focus on nonverbal, concrete intelligence which seems to have the end goal of producing specialized, obsessive savants. Their resting mental state is to constantly replay previous concrete sense impressions, usually related to their specialized interest (chess, music performance, flintknapping). They are characterized most of all by a unique ability to experience sudden, prolonged, vivid daydreams where these endless recombinations are generalized into coherent “eureka!” moments.

Aspieface types do not seem to experience either the endless recombination rest state or the great moments of sudden insight when all the pieces come together. To explain this distinction a bit more requires an explanation of melon intelligence. Melons are empirical reductionists. They seek out sense impressions in order to form useful generalizations about systems with an emphasis on how those systems react when stress is applied to different weighted factors. More generalizations are made about previous generalizations, forming a layered edifice. Ordinary melons apply this to systems of humans, about which they tend to reach similar conclusions about the most important weighted factors in crowd dynamics: fear, force, entropy, etc. Aspieface melons reroute this tendency to abstract mathematics and philosophy, where they similarly seek out universal theories.

Deepsock aspies tend to be less interested in these universal theories than in amassing vast quantities of concrete information to obsess over. Deepsock aspies resist simplification to the point of oversensitivity, whereas aspiefaces demand it to the point of oversimplification. So the deepsock, edenic brain is more like a Windows system loaded down with software and freeware united only by an obsessive purpose, like listening to and making music. Whereas the aspieface melon brain is like a GNU-Linux system, where every macro application is a layered bundle of smaller, general-purpose utilities.

The general intelligence of the edenic type ranges wildly, based on the damage sustained by the limbic system in early development, and on the legacy system chosen for the reboot. When white matter production is healthy and an Amud legacy system is chosen, we get Isaac Newton. A faulty Amud implementation might produce a Derek Paravicini or a Kim Peek.

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4 Responses to Psychology of aspieface vs. edenic

  1. slenkar says:

    I have social anxiety but it’s like the anxiety of someone who has to fix a car engine, but has no knowledge of how to fix it.
    I just stand there doing nothing because if you do something wrong the consequences are much worse than doing nothing.

    So it’s easier to get into computers (like Stallman) where the rules are known and results can be obtained.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That’s actually how my social anxiety is too, for the most part. Hence, I’m not really all that anxious or shy at all, and I don’t mind socializing (except that, sans the tacit deception games, it’s extremely boring). My problem is more that I put people off by failing to follow the unwritten rules like “Don’t talk too long about interesting stuff” and “Talk about sports with men, but only briefly in mixed groups”.

  2. Pirx the Pirate says:

    Plug for one of my favorite alt-scientists:

    I think you’d enjoy the theories of Rupert Sheldrake, specifically about Morphic Resonance.

    I ended up with an extra copy of his book The Presence of the Past, which I will gladly ship to anyone crazy enough to give me a shipping address.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Thank you for sharing. This is indeed some weird stuff.

      Maybe I should make up a sidebar for alt-science stuff. The alt-economics folks are pretty organized by now, but I’d like to see a listing of alt-physics, alt-math (like the Riemann for anti-dummies bit that Heaviside posted), alt-polysci, etc.

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