Face reading PJTV

Watched this video long ago, saw some interesting phrenology, decided to share.

Dr. Helen is an interesting woman to begin with, being essentially the only female MRA of note. Also perhaps for being the only MRA of note, because male MRAs are losers by definition and nobody wants to listen to a bunch of losers.

From the side, you can see socket depth that matches or exceeds my own, which is categorized as “deepish” in male terms. This makes her an extreme outlier among females. She also has a huge cranium under her hair, which again is stereotypically a male domain. Further, she has a very testosteronized face and a prominent jaw, and is perhaps the only woman I’ve ever seen with the trapezoidal neanderthal lower face. She also has a beautiful classical Roman nose and a high height:width facial ratio due to an elongated midface (which is not due to maxillary retrusion because it doesn’t have a sickly, drooping appearance). Her forehead is unremarkable, because most women have this vertical shape and medium height.

Note that testosteronization does not preclude estrogenization. You can see some fat stored in the apples of her cheeks, but this might be hard to see because the testosteronization is more strikingly prominent. Her body language is mature, laconic, and pleasant and she seems quite at ease with herself and the situation. She gives every indication of being comfortably professional- the apex of putative feminist ambition.

Bill Whittle is the next most interesting case. His melon back is very large, but he also has a small occipital protuberance and the beginnings of en bombe cranial flare. Like all dualbacks observed to date, he would be categorized as an MT. His face has the overall dimensions of the Mousterian facial morph, which is the first time I think we’ve seen that in an MT. Socket depth is moderate, but that seems to be the case for most Mousterians. It’s good that Whittle has some depth because it’s otherwise difficult to tell a Mousterian face from a Cro Magnon face (at least for me it is) because they both look scrunched up. It gives him a pugnacious overall first impression.

Forehead is a little high, but otherwise normal. His body language seems very stereotyped, like a robot even in the small movements, as if he’s thinking very hard about every little turn of the head. This changes when he starts trying to elucidate a scientific system verbally, and he starts talking with his hands and drawing little diagrams no one else can see. It’s interesting to see the fascination for evolutionary psychology, economics, and informatics expressed through a Mousterian communication style. I mentioned this once before, but Whittle is clearly operating at a much higher frequency than the others (seemingly this is due to raw sensory processing speed) and when he’s listening to the others his body goes completely still with laserlike focus.

Fun anecdote about the laser focus thing: Back when I was a copy editor for the student newspaper another copy editor asked me to check her work, and I agreed. When I started looking it over she said “Whoa!” and flinched back, and when I asked she said it was because “It looked like you were trying to kill it with your eyes.” Anyway, back to the weirdo phrenology…

Matt Orr is less exciting, and appears to be the product of very high testosterone, particularly for a Millenial (on the average, we would have been considered infertile by Greatest Generation standards). He reminds me of Mark Cuban that way. He speaks well enough and he’s far from stupid. I’d classify him as a prosocial, high testosterone cro magnon. Probably would be very comfortable in a wartime military setting or competitive sports, and could navigate large male social groups with relative ease and straightforward communication.

Andrew Klavan looks like Alexander Grothendieck’s less intelligent libtard younger brother. When he started talking I braced myself, but it turns out he’s not a libtard at all but rather an ADHD mind somehow living in blissful, idyllic monogamy. He has the occipital bump, but no outward flare. His body language is sanguine and flamboyant without being suggestive of homosexuality. You can tell the man is just plain happy, while remaining thankful for it. He’s not vibrating at the same high frequency as Whittle, but one gets the sense he’s vibrating in several dimensions at once.

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9 Responses to Face reading PJTV

  1. Heaviside says:

    The “Gullible-est Generation”:

    “Yeah we were ruled by a communist dictator for 13 years who took all of our gold and gave all of our oil away to the Soviet Union, and then we tried and failed to exterminate the Japanese people, and we also failed to defeat Germany, but don’t worry, we still managed to kill millions and die by the millions trying. We’re the greatest! We’re the best! Our children went on to become the Dumbest Generation of Narcissists In The History of The World, but surely that wasn’t our fault, they just needed to toughen up and be more like us.”

    Sure the Baby Boomers lived in a cocoon of unreality created by Madison Avenue and terrible CIA-sponsored pop music, but the generation before them lived in a cocoon of unreality created by FDR, Woodrow Wilson, and the U.S. Army. All the Baby Boomers did was enter a second, smaller cocoon inside the first.

    “I’m a conservative, that means I idolize a time when the US was run by a communist dictator who tried to bring about a world revolution! Yeah!”

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I didn’t pick the name, I’m just using it. I do prefer the “Gullible-est Generation” though, has a nice tang to it.

      I remember Rush Limbaugh saying that our older generations are a wealth of untapped knowledge. This has not been my experience, and I’ve found older folks have very little to say on any subject at all (less than Millenials or Boomers, even). However, a great deal can be said for actively studying how they live, the things they choose to do and the way they do them. You just have to ignore the bullshit that comes out of their mouths.

      The Greatest Generation is maybe the closest we’ll ever see to a full generation of amoral, sociopathic, rational economic actors.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Heh, example. Back when I hit my nadir and seriously considered suicide, I had one of my little daydreams where I mentioned this to my Grandma. Her response in the daydream was a vague emotional impression, but it could be summarized as saying with amusement, “Why are you even telling me? Knives are in the drawer, try not to make a mess, and if you’re not serious then stop being such a drama queen.”

        After that I was able to think about it with both ratio and lucid insight and essentially began the intellectual journey that brought me…wherever this is :-P.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Also, context!


      So the 20th century was a battle between national socialism and global socialism. And you say rightists should become national socialists because they have a secret history of winning this conflict. Do I have this right?

  2. Heaviside says:

    Also, it is not true that Japan’s economy has been having trouble, it is 180 degrees from reality. Japan’s economic bureaucracies just revise statistics downward so that it doesn’t look as threatening on the export markets and protectionist measures are less likely to be implemented. Chinese people have yet to master this one weird tip to grow your trade balance. The American mind literally cannot comprehend the logic that is at work here, it fools them every time*. Japan still practices a fascist economic model, which allows it to engage in a kind of devious stealth socialism. It is no big deal if a member of a keiretsu posts losses which might disappoint investors, because Japanese corporations are not dependent on fickle and short-sighted investors looking for quick gains to secure capital for long-term projects. You see, the government just gives industrial conglomerates free fiat money to make investments that won’t pay off for decades, and it doesn’t care about short-term profit and loss statements. They’re irrelevant, they only care about building up the nation’s industrial base and making the world more dependent on its exports. Japan is actually a fabulously wealthy country but the U.S. is more than willing to lap up ego-soothing lies.

    *Jews aren’t the only people who can pull one over the white man. We invented the modern futures exchange.

    “Neither Taiwan nor South Korea is run by neoliberal rightwing hardline free marketeers. Both of them seem to be following the Japanese model. The Japanese model is considered to be noncapitalist mode of production. No one really knows what it is. Some call it state capitalism. Others call it national socialism along WW2 German lines.”

    Ah, here Robert Lindsay has stumbled upon a nugget of truth. Japan has the same fascist system it had before the war because it won WWII. Taiwan and South Korea have the same system as Japan because they are still part of the Japanese Empire. Nationalist China(Taiwan) joined the Axis before WWII ended, which is why it didn’t get a seat on the U.N. Security Council but their commie rivals did.

    Americans find this hard to believe, but anything that Americans find hard to believe is probably true. They don’t know that American communist and CHICOM ally Evans Fordyce Carlson carried out a false-flag attack which lead the Japanese forces to believe that the Nationalist Chinese had betrayed them. Americans eagerly swallow whole government lies that the Germans and Japanese carried out false-flags in order to provide pretexts for going to war, but they would never accuse their own government of doing the same thing.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Chinese people have yet to master this one weird tip to grow your trade balance.

      Weird free associative bits like this are a perfect indicator of ADD communication style where the occipital is temporarily dominating the entire brain. You see a lot of ENFPs and conspiracy whackos fall into this sort of thing (I’m thinking of my dad). I don’t think it can be faked. It’s not like the show-offy verbal gymnastics of people free associating in the frontal lobe.

      >Japan is actually a fabulously wealthy country but the U.S. is more than willing to lap up ego-soothing lies.

      What’s up with the birth rate and the hikikomories? A healthy, prosperous society eating its young doesn’t work in my head.

      • Heaviside says:

        >What’s up with the birth rate and the hikikomories? A healthy, prosperous society eating its young doesn’t work in my head.

        People are wealthy enough that they don’t have to have jobs, and wealthy people would rather shop than have children. Just look at Singapore.

  3. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    Re: Dr. Helen Smith and testosteronized deepsock females, check out Dr. Lara Boyd:

    2:42 for profile, 4:55 for closer profile and possible digit ratio. Your search engine of choice for more.

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